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Welcome to the Macau-China Bulletin: December 2010

We, Missionaries reach you with the blessings and Greetings of this wonderful season of Advent. Wishing you Love, peace and tranquility that your lives be lit up with light of Christ. May the joys of the season fill your heart with goodwill and cheer. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

- Missionaries at Macau & Hong Kong

Pope Prays for the Church in China

Following his catechesis on 1 December general audience, Benedict XVI made some remarks concerning the situation of the Church in China.

"To your prayers", he told the faithful gathered in the Paul VI Hall, "and to those of Catholics all over the world, I entrust the Church in China which, as you know, is experiencing particularly difficult moments. Let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, to support all Chinese bishops, who are so dear to me, that they may bear courageous witness to their faith, placing all their hope in the Saviour Whom we await. Let us also entrust to the Virgin all the Catholics of that beloved country so that, through her intercession, they may live a truly Christian existence in communion with the universal Church, thus also contributing to the harmony and common good of their noble people".

Pope Benedict XVI today prayed for the Church in China as the “open” community scheduled the eighth national congress to be convened in Beijing Dec. 7-9.

The pope invited all Catholics, including a group of 40 Chinese sitting in the front rows, to pray with him during the general audience at the Vatican city. “I commend to your prayers and to those of Catholics throughout the world, the Church in China, which, as you know, is going through a particularly difficult time,” the pope said.

“We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, to sustain all the Chinese Bishops, who are so dear to me, so that they may courageously bear witness to their faith, placing all their hope in the Saviour whom we are awaiting.”

“We also entrust to the Virgin Mary all the Catholics of that beloved country that, through her intercession, they may be able to live an authentic Christian life in communion with the universal Church, contributing in this way also to the harmony and common good of their noble people.”

- UCAN News

Unapproved bishop elected to top China job

A bishop who does not have papal approval was today elected president of the Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church in China (BCCCC) while a Vatican-approved bishop became head of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CCPA).

The pope’s letter of 2007 indicates that holding the CCPA position was incompatible to Church doctrine. Bishop Joseph Ma Yinglin of Kunming, 45, who was ordained in 2006 and still has not received papal approval, was elected BCCCC president by 312 votes for and one abstention on the last day of the Eighth National Congress of Catholic Representatives.

Bishop John Fang Xingyao of Linyi, new head of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association
Bishop Johan Fang Xingyao of Linyi, 57, who is in communion with the pope, was elected CCPA chairperson with 310 votes for and three abstentions. They were the only candidates for the top posts of the two open Church bodies which are not recognized by the Vatican.

Church observers told that Vatican-approved bishops would find it even harder to avoid concelebrating with Bishop Ma or decline his presence in future liturgical activities. The Vatican will also be embarrassed to see its future bishop candidates receiving BCCCC approval marked with the seal of an illegitimate bishop, they said. There were 313 representatives – 45 bishops, 158 priests, 23 nuns and 87 lay people, taking part in the election in the morning. They cast their votes by a show of hands. The representatives to the congress met state leaders at the Great Hall of the People in the afternoon after the three-day meeting concluded.

Among the younger-generation bishops, two were absent from the congress – Bishop Joseph Li Liangui of Cangzhou (Xianxian), who went missing, and Bishop Francis Lu Shouwang of Yichang, who is very sick. Anthony Liu Bainian, CCPA vice-chairman since 1992, and the 94-year-old Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian of Shanghai, who also took leave, were promoted to the role of honorary presidents of the two Church bodies.

Bishop Ma became the BCCCC secretary general in 1998 and assumed also the post of CCPA vice chairperson in 2004. He is one of the seven Catholic members in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), top advisory body of the Chinese government. Before that he was a deputy of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese parliament 2003-2008. Bishop Johan Fang received his episcopal ordination in 1997. He became BCCCC vice president in 2004 and is a current member of the CPPCC.

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Two new Institutes at Fu Ren Catholic University: Education and Social Communication

After 40 years of waiting, Fu Ren Catholic University in Taiwan has finally launched the Institute for Education and the Institute for Social Communication, in conjunction with celebrating 85 years of the foundation of the first Chinese Catholic University, moved from Beijing to Taiwan in 1949. During the solemn opening, both Cardinal Paul Shan and Archbishop Peter Liu of Kaohsiung stressed the importance of education and social communication to build the future of the country and the Church. They also hoped that the Catholic University, with its 11 institutes, “leads society along the right ethical path.”

Fu Ren Catholic University is directly related to the Holy See. It was founded in Beijing in 1925 by a group of American Benedictines. The transfer to Taiwan occurred in 1961. Fu Ren's graduates number nearly 120,000 from all over the world. Over the years the University wanted to remain faithful to its mission of the holistic formation of the person, based on the principles of Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Holiness, in an academic community of students and teachers closely united.
Fu Ren has also brought about and continues to pursue dialogue between the Chinese culture and Christian faith, carrying out academic research and fostering a genuine knowledge of the world, thereby contributing both to the development of a society that progresses mankind. The goals are: to affirm the value of human dignity and recognize fundamental rights; to continue the search for the meaning of life; to devote themselves to academic research; to create group consciousness; to stimulate cultural exchange; to offer religious cooperation; to promote the spirit of service in the social contexts of all countries in the world.

Seminarians strike on fears of official meddling

All one hundred seminarians at the Hebei Catholic seminary today took part in a demonstration outside the government’s Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission (ERAC) in Hebei Province. For the past 18 days, they have protested against the appointment of a government official as vice-rector of their seminary, fearing that their spiritual values would be compromised by politics.
Seminarians of the Seminary of Shijiazhuang
Most of the seminarians, in their white surplice, held banners and cards, reiterating “the demand of a written statement on revocation of vice-director Tang Zhaojun as vice-rector of their seminary”. Other banners read “Honour your promise” and “Hebei Catholic Seminary”. “We protest outside the government office, because we cannot tolerate the situation anymore,” a seminarian told AsiaNews. “This demonstration is on the initiative of the seminarians. No priests or bishops are involved in today’s action,” he said.

During the day’s “silent demonstration,” ERAC officials discussed twice with seminarian representatives in their office, but they failed to agree to the seminarians’ sole demand of a written statement of revocation. According to a source, ERAC Deputy Director-General Kang Zhifeng told the students that the appointment was a “Communist personnel arrangement” and refused to give a written statement. Brazing a wintry cold, students began their protest at 8.40 am outside the ERAC offices at 53 Huaxi Road in Shijiazhuang city. Several police vehicles were stationed at the site but security officials did not interfere with the students’ action. By 7 pm, the seminarians were still outside the offices.
Alberto with the Director of the Seminary of Shijiazhuang, Fr. Bosco Mo [File photo]
Tang Zhaojun’s appointment as vice-rector of Hebei seminary was announced on 11 November. It met immediate opposition from seminarians and teachers. Since the government refused to cancel the appointment, seminary students and teachers went on a strike. On 17 November, Deputy Director-General Kang went to the seminary where he verbally agreed to rescind the appointment and call for a board of directors’ meeting to solve the issue.

However, several Hebei bishops who had been taken to the Chengde ordination on 20 November could not be reached. Thus, the seminary’s board of directors could not convene to deal with the matter.

5th FABC-CBF Asia-Oceania Biblical Congress

Third Bishops’ Institute for Biblical Apostolate was held with the theme: “With the Word of life on the roads of Asia-Oceania”. A group of 120 representatives gathered from November 4 to 8 at the Redemptorist Center in Pattaya, Thailand.
Together with the nine Bishops, the participants of the Biblical Congress in Thailand
Participants arrived from most of the countries of Asia-Oceania in what was a wonderful sharing about the work being done as servants of the Word. There were 9 bishops in attendance, priests, sisters and laypeople.
Participants from Korea and China at the Biblical Congress
Aware of the imminent appearance of the Synod Document on the Word of God, the speakers dealt with the Word of God in the life and mission of the Church (Fr. Jacob Theckanath from India). Bishop Vincent Ri, from Korea spoke about the “Proclamation of the Word – Preaching and the Word of God and Liturgy” inviting us to proclaim with witness and passion the Word (this bishop memorizes the liturgical readings to show appreciation for the Word of God). Word of God and cultures was the topic of Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil (India), while Archbishop Evarist Pinto of Pakistan spoke about “Word-Centered Seminary Formation.” There was an important moment to talk about the biblical apostolate in China with its prospects and challenges, a talk given by Fr. Paul Hu and Fr. Ludger Feldkamper. Bishop Pablo V. David from the Philippines talked to us about the “Now” of the Word of God and Archbishop E. Pinto of Bangkok accompanied with marvelous hospitality.
Macau was represented by the Director of Claretian Publications, Fr. Alberto Rossa who displayed the biblical work being done and the many bibles in different languages being published from Macau. At the last day every participant received as gift of Claretian Publication the Daily Gospel 2011.

Claretian Publications at the UCCBA Congress

The Ninth United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association (UCCBA) Congress brought together the Chinese-speaking biblical scholars from Asia, Europe and Australia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Congress was held from November 11 - 15 to reflect on recommendations from the 2008 Synod of Bishops on the Word of God. This Ninth Congress of UCCBA brought together 120 scholars and those working in the Bible ministry from 15 countries.
Delagates of the UCCBA, during the Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Congress focused on the theme "Living out the Word to Spread God’s Kingdom,” The gathering marked the 20th anniversary of UCCBA, which was founded in 1990 as a worldwide union of Chinese Catholic Bible groups. It also marked the 45th anniversary of the promulgation of the Second Vatican Council documents Dei Verbum (The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation) and Apostolicam Actuositatem, (The Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity) of the Second Vatican Council.

Participants also commemorated the 10th anniversary of the canonization of 120 Chinese martyr saints and prayed for the beatification cause of Franciscan Father Gabriel Maria Allegra (1907-1976), Father Allegra pioneered the Chinese translation of the Catholic Bible through the foundation of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in 1945.
Our good friend and collaborator during the past five years, Fr. John Mi Shen, a recently ordained priest, along with Ms. Winnie Wong, Editor of our publications in Chinese traditional (standing up); and a friend during the meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Speakers in the Congress included Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun from Hong Kong, Archbishop John Ha of Kuching from Malaysia, Biblical scholars Fr. Mark Fang, SJ from Taiwan and Fr. Ludger Feldkämper, SVD from Germany. 28 priests, 8 religious Sisters, 3 seminarians and 84 laity also participated in the congress. The speakers delved on relevant themes such as:

1. The Chinese Bible pastoral service in new era;
2. The mission of the Bishop and the clergy;
3. How to build a church which centered the Word of God through evangelization;
4. Effectively promote reconciliation and communion;
5. The role of the faithful by prophetical witnesses,

The representatives from Claretian Publications in Macau were also invited to participate in the Congress. They described in detail the services and efforts being done in promoting the Word of God in the world, particularly in China, stressing their commitment to continue providing biblical and spiritual resources by publishing the “Lectio Divina Bible” and “Daily Gospel”.

Teresa Li (our Editor for the simplified Chinese) and a friend in Kuala Lumpur
“UCCBA” was established in 1990. It aims to evangelize the Chinese region around both inside and outside, to assist in promoting the Chinese Church, Bible Pastoral service, group sharing and daily reading in the Word of God a, and in 1993 joinedthe world of the Bible Society. This workshop is designed to promote the exchange of experiences from Divine Word services, mutual learning and mutual cooperation, while continuing to expand Chinese Bible Association’s network, and strengthen ties with the Chinese Catholic groups worldwide.

"The Whistle Blower"

Enjoy the extraordinary talent this little girl exhibits. Perhaps, Julian Assange and his Wikileaks are not the only "whistle blowers" around! Relax and Enjoy!!

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Welcome to the Macau-China Bulletin: November 2010

Feast of St. Claret & the Universal Claretian Mission Day
Bishop Joseph Lai Presiding the Eucharistic Celebration
The feast of Claret, October 24, coincided this year with the universal Mission Day, an ideal opportunity for the congregation that takes “evangelization” at the core of its mission. The Congregation at the Festal Mass
In the feast-day celebration, the missionaries expressed the “spirit of communion” with the local church as we celebrated the feast-day of our founder St. Anthony M. Claret on the same day of Mission Sunday, with a Holy Mass followed by a shared lunch, with a very strong sense of "evangelization" and “communion.”
The Celebrants together with Bishop Joseph Lai
The Feast Day Celebrations began with the Concelebrated Eucharistic celebration presided by Bishop Joseph Lai, the Bishop of Macau. A Section of the Choir
In his homily, Bishop Lai stressed on the ever-growing need for the Evangelization Mission centered on the Eucharist. Frs. Alberto and Jojo join the Bishop in Cutting the Cake
The call to preach the Word of God is as relevant as it was in the earlier times. He used the example of Bishop Antony Claret, who chose to leave his home town and went as a Missionary to Cuba and the Canary Islands, to bring home the theme of evangelizing mission.
The Claretian Community of Macau - Frs. Jojo, Alberto, Ezakias and Jose together with Bishop Joseph Lai, Bishop of Macau
Bishop Lai exhorted the faithful of Macau to take up the mission of evangelization in all its seriousness as Macau has easy access to the Mainland China, where vast majority of the population are yet to hear about Jesus .
A gathering of about 300, consisting priests, nuns, benefactors, well-wishers and friends of the Claretians in Macau and Hong Kong added colour to the festivities of the day.
The 'Team Macau': Ian, Fr. Jojo, Tes, Fr. Rossa & Divine (all seated in the front row) with a group of friends
Fr. Domingos Yuen, the parish priest of St Lawrence Church and members of various pious associations like the Altar servers, the Choir, Mothers' Association etc. played their role well, sharing in our joy and making the day a joyous one.
A group of sisters from the Mainland China. Fr. John Ledesma, SDB (not in picture) guided a week-long retreat for them in Barbastro House in Zhuhai, China
A view from the Dining Hall
A group of friends from Hong Kong

Fr. Rossa in the Governing Body of the Catholic University of Macau

Fr. Alberto Rossa, CMF
Bishop Joseph Lai, Bishop of Macau has nominated Fr. Alberto Rossa to represent the Diocese in the Governing Body of the newly instituted Catholic University of Macau. Fr. Rossa has been working in the diocese for the past five years, managing the Publication projects of the Claretian Publications and the Pastoral Bible Foundation. The new appointment is a sign of Diocese's appreciation and acceptance of the missionary commitment of the Claretians in the Diocese. Hearty Congratulations to Fr. Rossa!

Diocese of Hong Kong celebrates the Mission Sunday with a difference

The Celebrants at the podium
The diocese of Hong Kong celebrated the Mission Sunday with a difference on 17 October 2010. Over 20,000 faithful from all over Hong Kong poured into the Hong Kong Stadium , So Kon Po, for a special Mission Sunday Mass celebrated by Bishop John Tong Hon. The Mass was concelebrated by over 200 priests. "On this Mission Sunday in the year of Priestly Vocations, I ask you all to pray for priests and help them in their response to Christ's call to love that they may become all things, to save at least some", said Bishop John Tong in his Homily.

During the Mass, the priests were invited to renew their vows of their Ordination, after which they were presented with new chasubles by representatives from each parish in the Diocese. At the Altar
The whole gathering joined in renewing the commitment of their own baptisms and the recently baptized were presented with a book of the Gospels to take back to their Parishes, with the command to ensure that the Word of God is proclaimed in their Communities.

Over 20,000 strong gathering participated in the Celebrations
Bishop Tong exhorted the newly baptized to "give witness to justice and love, not forgetting the blessings you have received in the Sacrament of Baptism". Welcoming the Catechumens, the Bishop said, "Today you can experience for yourselves that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. You can see how you will be blessed in the future". Fr. Ezakias (Second from left) during the Priests' procession
During the Eucharistic Celebration, Fr. Dominic Chan Chi-ming, the Vicar General launched the "Year of Laity - 2011". The Diocese will celebrate 2011 as the Year of Laity, focusing on the collective responsibility of both the Ordained Ministers and the laity to build a community of Faith, Hope and Love.

Biography of St. Claret in Chinese

The Missionaries within their short presence with just a handful of members in the region are making their presence felt, be it through the Publications or the pastoral work or just through social contacts. The Cover of the Biography of St Antony Mary Claret in Chinese
In an attempt to popularize the life and work of St Claret, and to let the people know who the Claretians are, the Claretian Publications has published a short biography of St Claret, written by D. Emilio Vicente Mateu. The 70 page booklet in Chinese also gives a brief introduction to the various branches of the Claretian Family. The Booklet was released on the occasion of the Feast Day of St Claret, on 24 October 2010.

Fr. Rossa in the Frankfurt Bookfair

Fr. Alberto Rossa attended the Frankfurt Book fair for the 26th time this October. The friendship and business relationship developed among the English speaking Catholic Publishers from all Over the world over the years is what he cherishes most.
Fr. Rossa at the Book fair
The Frankfurt Book Fair is a meeting place for the publishing industry’s experts. Be they publishers, booksellers, agents, film producers or authors - each year in October, they all come together and create something new. The Claretian Stalls at the Book Fair - a video snapshot
The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important marketplace for books, media, rights and licences worldwide. More than 7,300 exhibitors from 100 countries, 300,000 visitors and over 10,000 journalists attend the fair.
On the last day of the Fair, the Catholic Publishers came together for a Eucharistic Celebration, wherein Fr. Rossa was requested to preside.

Six new priests ordained in China

At least six young men from three mainland Chinese dioceses were ordained priests on Oct. 28, the feast day of Saints Simon and Jude the Apostle. “I will increase efforts to evangelize,” said Father Deng Xiaobo, one of the two new priests of Zhanjiang diocese, noting that the Church has “a big market” as Catholics account for only a small percentage among China’s 1.3 billion people. “I vow to build a good image to attract more young men to explore their vocations,” he added.
Fathers Paul Sun Ruigang and Thomas Liang Weiguo of Taiyuan during their ordination
In Beijing diocese, Bishop Joseph Li Shan ordained Fathers Augustine Cao Wei and Peter Bai Guoliang, who have spent 10 years studying at the diocesan seminary and the Seoul archdiocesan Major Seminary. Bishop Ignatius Wang, retired auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and a Beijing native, also laid his hands on the new priests’ heads. Ten priests from Korea were among the 65 priests concelebrating the ordination Mass. In northern China, three bishops concelebrated the ordination Mass for Fathers Paul Sun Ruigang and Thomas Liang Weiguo of Taiyuan at the 100-year-old cathedral in Shanxi.

Cardinal Sepe meets top China religious official

Archbishop of Naples Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe met with Director Wang Zuo’an of the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) on Oct. 26 in his first trip to mainland China. In his role as prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples from 2001 to 2006, the cardinal only visited the Churches in Hong Kong and Taiwan. His delegation included leaders of the international lay organization, the Community of Sant’Edigio, which serves the poor and promotes ecumenism. It has been active in providing a bridge between China and the Vatican in recent years.
Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archbishop of Naples
On Oct. 26, the five-member delegation also joined a seminar organized by the Development Research Center of the State Council, sharing views on religions’ contribution to social harmony with seven Chinese scholars. The 67-year-old cardinal met with Wang at the SARA office. According to a news brief on the SARA website, the men “discussed strengthening Sino-Italian religious exchanges and other issues.”
Wang Zuo’an, Director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA)
The delegation also visited the tomb of Jesuit Father Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) and met Bishop Joseph Li Shan of Beijing. Cardinal Sepe and the Bishop discussed Father Ricci’s contribution to the friendship and cultural exchanges between China and Italy before they ended their meeting by praying the Lord’s Prayer in Latin together at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Religious run Beijing marathon for charity

Battling cold and rain, more than 50 nuns and seminarians joined the 2010 Beijing Marathon to raise funds for the underprivileged and to show their involvement in the community. Forty-four nuns from seven congregations, who wore a T-shirt sporting a “Sister’s Run” logo, participated in the Oct. 24 marathon along with a priest from Weixian Minor Seminary of Xingtai diocese and nine seminarians.
Most of the nuns, aged from 24-41, took part in the 10 kilometer course while five took up the challenge of the half marathon. Jilin Sister Yu Chunjin, who participated for the second time, said the nuns were more confident this year. More than 40 nuns joined the event this year compared to only ten nuns who participated in the mini marathon last year, she said. Organizers of the event, which was divided into full, half, 10 km and mini marathons, said that this year’s program attracted 30,000 participants from 42 countries.
The nuns joined in to raise fund for the needy groups served by their respective congregations, including the lone elderly, HIV/AIDS patients, people with leprosy and others. On a rainy day with temperatures below 10 degree Celsius, Sister Jian Xiufeng of Xingtai said she wanted to give up halfway. However, she motivated herself to keep going by thinking of the elderly people in their homes.
The seminarians also ran to raise funds for the seminary library as well as to repave a basketball court and to cover their living expenses. The seminarians began daily practice for the event in April. “Our best result was one and a half hour in the half marathon while our last one took two hours and 10 minutes to finish,” said Brother Pang, a seminarian who ran the 20 kilometer event. Father Joseph said the seminary aims to offer a balanced program for seminarians. “Taking part in this event enabled our seminarians to be in touch with the society,” he said.

Claret Feast 2010, Macau China

The following is a slide show of the Feast day Celebration in Macau

Hope you have enjoyed this. Once again, a belated Festal wishes to all!

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Welcome to the Macau-China Bulletin: October 2010

"When the moon is full, mankind is one!"

A Hong Konger walks by illuminations set up at popular Victoria Park to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong on Tuesday, September 21, 2010. Like ancient Chinese poets, Hong Kong people appreciate the beauty of the full moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese people believe that on that day, the moon will be the biggest, roundest and brightest, and the term "round" implies family reunion in Chinese.
In China and throughout many Asian countries people celebrate the Harvest Moon on the 15th day of the eighth month of their lunar calendar. The date in the Western calendar changes annually. This year, the Mid-Autumn festival was on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. The Harvest Moon or Mid-Autumn Festival (Zhong Qiu Jie) is a day of family reunions much like a Western Thanksgiving. Chinese people believe that on that day, the moon is the roundest and brightest signaling a time of completeness and abundance.
During the Mid-Autumn Festival, children are delighted to stay up past midnight, parading multi-colored lanterns into the wee hours as families take to the streets to moon-gaze.
It is also a romantic night for lovers, who sit holding hands on hilltops, riverbanks and park benches, captivated by the brightest moon of the year! The festival dates back to the Tang dynasty in 618 A.D., and as with many celebrations in China there are ancient legends closely associated with it.
Hong Kong villagers raise a paper lantern (Hung Ming Lantern) to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong on Wednesday, September. 22, 2010.
In Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, it's sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival, but whatever name it goes by, the centuries-old festival remains a beloved annual ritual celebrating an abundance of food and family.
A Devotee in Prayer as she burns the joss sticks
Mooncakes earned their popularity during the Yuan Dynasty (1200 A.D.- 1368 A.D) when, as legends say, the Mongols who had established the Yuan Dynasty were too oppressive, and were overthrown by the Chinese with the help of this simple dessert. Since Mongols did not eat mooncakes, the Chinese took advantage of this cultural difference and planned a revolt against them.

Leaders of the revolts distributed mooncakes, under the pretense of celebrating the emperor's longevity, to other Chinese people. The mooncakes held secret messages baked within the skin, informing people to revolt on the 15th of the 8th moon, also the Mid Autumn festival. The rebellion was successful and mooncakes were forever kept a national tradition of China. Enjoy a short video on the Mid-Autumn Festival

Fr. Tom Peyton Celebrates 79th Birthday

Fr. Tom Peyton during the Birthday Celebrations

Fr. Tom Peyton MM, the veteran Maryknoll Missionary in Hong Kong, Celebrated his 79 birthday on 19 September 2010. Fr. Peyton is a long time friend and patron of Claretians in Hong Kong. In 2007 when Fr. Jojo began his Cantonese studies and later when Frs. Jose and Ezakias came to Hong Kong for their language studies, Fr. Peyton graciously accepted the priests to his parish, providing them with residence.

Fr. Tom with the Claretians and his Friends

Fr. Tom has spent about 30 years of his priestly life in Hong Kong, expending every bit of his time and energy for bringing the Good News of the Lord to the people of God. Now, at the age of 79, besides being In-Charge of the Maryknoll School at Ngau Tau Kok, Fr. Tom continues his active service in the Diocese of Hong Kong as the Parish priest of Christ the Worker Parish and the prison chaplain of Tai Lam Centre for Women and Correctional Institution. He is also associated with the treatment and rehabilitation project for the Leprosy affected in the Mainland China.

Birthday Dinner

Fr. Tom has been a strong promoter of the Christian Community Bible and the Daily Gospels in Hong Kong and China. Every year Fr. Tom distributes a couple of thousands of Daily Gospel to the faithful in China and also among the prisoners in Hong Kong.

Fr. Rossa presents a copy of the

Bible Diary 2011 to Fr. Tom

He is also in the process of forming lay leaders who would in turn teach the faithful how to use the Chinese Daily Gospel. Macau Bulletin wishes a blessed new year to Fr. Tom Peyton.

61st China National Day Celebrated

Stills from the Fireworks at the Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong on 1 October 2010
The People's Republic of China was founded on October 1, 1949 with a ceremony at Tiananmen Square. The Central People's Government passed the Resolution on the National Day of the People's Republic of China on December 2, 1949 and declared that October 1 is the National Day.

The National Day marks the start of one of the two Golden Weeks in the PRC. However, there have been some recent controversies over whether Golden Weeks should be kept.

The National Day is celebrated throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau with a variety of government-organised festivities, including fireworks and concerts. Public places, such as Tiananmen Square in Beijing, are decorated in a festive theme. Portraits of revered leaders, such as Sun Yat-sen, are publicly displayed

A fireworks display is usually held nationwide in all cities, including Hong Kong, where a fireworks display to celebrate the National Day of the People's Republic of China has been held since 1997 at Victoria Harbour in the evening.