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Welcome to the China Bulletin - October 2014

Fr. Jojo appointed Parish Priest 

During the installation, Fr. Alberto, Fr. Jojo,  Bishop Joseph LaiFr. George SJ and Mario 
Fr. Jojo Ancheril, Superior of the Claretian community of Macau-Hong-China is appointed as the new parish priest of St. Lawrence Church, Macau.
St. Lawrence Church, Macau 
Fr. Jojo came to Macau in 2006 and after two years of learning Cantonese in Hong Kong  began his service as Assistant Parish Priest in St. Lawrence Church in 2009. Two years later, the Bishop of Macau gave him the additional responsibility of the Administrator of St. Joseph's Seminary. 
St. Lawrence Church, Macau 
His new assignment comes as a recognition to his hard work and approachability. Hearty Congratulations & Prayerful wishes, Fr. Jojo 

News from the Editor's Desk

September is just concluded and and we are already out with our annual "flagship title" - the Daily Gospel in Chinese - both in simplified and traditional characters and Bible Diary in Spanish. we are also distributing the English versions, prepared in the Philippines. 
Daily Gospel 2015 in Chinese and English
Spanish Bible Diary 2015
The popular title from Pope Francis, "Open Mind, Faithful Heart" is now being translated into Chinese. We are now publishing this book in four volumes. The first of this four volumes 人的祈禱 was publishes two months ago. The next three volumes are out of the press and are available now: Manifestation of Light,  Letters to the Seven Churches,  and Encountering Jesus.
"Manifestation of Light "
Letters to the Seven Churches 
We have also helped to print The Bible Diary 2015 in French and English for the Claret Publishing House in Cameroon : 
Bible Diary for Cameroon 

1 October - 65 National Day Celebrations of China

The People's Republic of China was established on 1 October 1949. And ever since the Republic day is celebrated all over China on 1 October. It is a week-long holiday in China during the National Day and so the people can move across the regions to get united with their families during the National Day. 
From the National Day Celebrations in Beijing 
Hence, the week is also known as the "Golden Week". Due to the unprecedented developments in Hong Kong, the customary fire-works at the Victoria Harbour was called off this year. 

Unrest in Hong Kong

A bulletin blog from Hong Kong in these days would be incomplete without talking about the now famous "Umbrella Revolution". The scene in Hong Kong over the past week has gone from chaos to calm and back again, as tensions grow and pro-democracy throngs clash with pro-government demonstrators.
Iconic image from the Hong Kong unrest 
It all started on Sept. 26, when hundreds of students gathered in Central Hong Kong, demanding democracy. For more than 150 years, Hong Kong belonged to Britain.  Then in 1997 Britain handed the thriving metropolis back to China in a political deal called “One Country, Two Systems,” which allowed Hong Kong to retain some of the freedoms and independence mainland Chinese people do not have, such as freedom of the press and the right to assemble. The people of Hong Kong would even be allowed to elect their own leader in 2017.
Tens of thousands of protesters on street 
But this summer China started to backpedal. It announced to Hong Kong that those elections could proceed only if the Chinese government approved all the candidates. To the people of Hong Kong, that meant they wouldn’t have much control over their own government after all.The students hit the streets, and thousands from Hong Kong rushed to join them in the days that followed. The Chinese government and the protesters have dug in their heels, and negotiations have failed. Now counter-protests from pro-government residents are complicating the situation.
Police had to use force, at times
But the actual reasons for the unrest that is building momentum are seen as more of economical than of political. The glaring gap between the powerful business tycoons who in fact control the socio-economic-political structure of Hong Kong and the middle and lower middle class of the society is widening by leaps and bounds. Students from the Universities and many schools have hit the streets in large numbers, braving both the pepper sprays and battons of the police forces as well as the sporadic violent retaliations from the pro-government groups, for reasons that are more than political. What bothers them most perhaps is the frightening gap between the affluent and the have-nots. 
...and an Umbrella for the Police in rain! 
History has seen many a revolution in every part of the world, but the one now unfolding in Hong Kong is one of its kind for reasons more than one. Here the protesters are equipped with their mighty weapon: Umbrella! Indeed it defended them on the streets from the drenching rain and the scorching sun and more importantly for them, from the pepper-sprays from the police. Chanting hymns, clapping hands and professing non-violence, students in Hong Kong have caught the imagination of the world. Where in a revolution have we seen the protesters cleaning up the garbage and study-sessions held on streets? How long will it go on? Only time will prove...


Fr. Tomy With Winnifer & Judy in Holy Spirit Seminary, Hong Kong 
Fr. Tomy Mathew, elder brother of Fr. Jose visited Hong Kong and Macau in the second week of September.
Sea-food dinner at Saikung with Mr. Peter Li and family
He belongs to the Diocese of Tellicherry in India and currently renders his services in the Diocese of Würzburg in Germany.
With Fr. Jojo and Jessica in Macau
"Missionaries without borders ..." in Claretian House, Macau with Frs. Jose, Rossa & Jojo  
We were pilgrims together - in France! 


DEY Youth with John Cardinal Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong  
As the name suggests, this is indeed a sporting event but with a difference! In a world where competing teams fight it out tooth and nail, a group of 200 odd youngsters came together for HOLYMPICS - A "holy"sports day, organised by the Diocesan English Youth in Hong Kong.
Cardinal declaring the HOLYMPICS 2014 open
The event was held on September 9 at Sing Yin Secondary School in Choi Wan, Choi Hung. The theme for this year's annual sports day was a quote from Pope Francis: "Be true athletes of Christ".
Youth in Action!
It aimed to offer the young English-speaking people from local parishes and youth groups a day of fellowship and a chance to live their faith through sportsmanship.
A Pyramid in 30 seconds...! 
Volunteers with the Cardinal 
John Cardinal Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong celebrated the Holy Eucharist and encouraged the youth to build up a strong foundation of prayer life to gain strength and courage to run the race in our journey in faith.
The Organizers had their share of fun too! 
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