Wednesday, October 01, 2014

News from the Editor's Desk

September is just concluded and and we are already out with our annual "flagship title" - the Daily Gospel in Chinese - both in simplified and traditional characters and Bible Diary in Spanish. we are also distributing the English versions, prepared in the Philippines. 
Daily Gospel 2015 in Chinese and English
Spanish Bible Diary 2015
The popular title from Pope Francis, "Open Mind, Faithful Heart" is now being translated into Chinese. We are now publishing this book in four volumes. The first of this four volumes 人的祈禱 was publishes two months ago. The next three volumes are out of the press and are available now: Manifestation of Light,  Letters to the Seven Churches,  and Encountering Jesus.
"Manifestation of Light "
Letters to the Seven Churches 
We have also helped to print The Bible Diary 2015 in French and English for the Claret Publishing House in Cameroon : 
Bible Diary for Cameroon 

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