Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yuletide Greetings

With joy and affection we send you the greetings
of the peace of the new born babe,
source of all peace and joy.

Christmas has a message of great meaning to the earth.

In Love.
He came to teach the world…

In Hope.
He gave us all a chance to renew our faith…

In Joy.
He used His holiness.

In Peace.
He walked on the earth.

Happy Christmas
And Happy New Year!

With warm wishes and prayers!

Monday, December 18, 2006

"Simbang Gabi" (Mass at Dawn)

SIMBANG GABI is one of the longest and most popular among the Filipino traditions. It is when Catholic churches across the nation start to open their doors shortly before the break of dawn to welcome the faithful to the Simbang Gabi mass.

Simbang Gabi or Mass at Dawn is a nine-day novena to the Blessed Mother. The novena begins December 16 as early as 4 in the morning and culminates with the “Misa de Gallo” on Christmas Eve to welcome the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

English and the Word of God

Meanwhile he continues his work in Beijing.
You have here the cover of the English course he is preparing:

“The Word Made Flesh” A new way to learn English for those who believe.

More Bibles and books

While rushing with the corrections of the new Chinese Pastoral Bible, we continue printing and publishing the new Spanish Edition La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo. We have completed eight printing this year and now the press in China has just finished the last two editions: 57,000 copies of the large edition and 64,000 copies of the small edition. The Claretian Missionaries co-publish this Pastoral Bible with Mensajero of Spain. The Bibles are distributed in Spanish speaking countries.

This year we have printed more than 500,000 books in Nanjing, China, at Amity Press: Bibles, Bible Diaries and other books. That is, perhaps, another reason why we are so well received in China.


Here they are: Chiqui, Nitz and Iyam.

They have been working with us in the Philippines for many years and have become closely associated with our charism and mission.

Chiqui as my assistant for everything related to foreign orders and as my personal secretary.

Nitz is our accountant for Claretian Publications and for the Pastoral Bible Foundation… and now also for our Macau and China mission.

Iyam is our typesetter. She has done the layout for our bibles in different languages and in many different editions. She worked very closely with our “saintly protector”, Fr. Bernardo Hurault – who went to the Father’s house two years ago this December.

It was just appropriate that we invite them to spend a few days with us in Macau… not only for relaxation, but indeed to work! Oh, yes, they also had time to relax.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Martin and Queenie

Two friends who received us with open hearts in Macau when we first came at the beginning of the year were Martin and Queenie. Both are born in Macau, both are Catholics. I baptized Martin –a former student of Bro. Sid in Macau– some years back when he was studying in Manila. He even wrote his thesis on “An Integrated Marketing Communication Program for the Chinese Christian Community Bible” – a proposed Advocacy Program for the Pastoral Bible Formation. In other words: how to make the Chinese Bible known and available in Mainland China.

Here are some of Martin's work:

Click images to view closely