Monday, December 18, 2006


Here they are: Chiqui, Nitz and Iyam.

They have been working with us in the Philippines for many years and have become closely associated with our charism and mission.

Chiqui as my assistant for everything related to foreign orders and as my personal secretary.

Nitz is our accountant for Claretian Publications and for the Pastoral Bible Foundation… and now also for our Macau and China mission.

Iyam is our typesetter. She has done the layout for our bibles in different languages and in many different editions. She worked very closely with our “saintly protector”, Fr. Bernardo Hurault – who went to the Father’s house two years ago this December.

It was just appropriate that we invite them to spend a few days with us in Macau… not only for relaxation, but indeed to work! Oh, yes, they also had time to relax.

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