Monday, December 31, 2012

100 million Bibles printed in China

The Amity Printing Press in Nanjing, where we print our Bibles, Daily Gospel, Bible Diaries and other books, has just celebrated the event of  100 million Bibles printed.

 This photo was published in the official newspaper of China with this caption:
Two matching workers in the  Amity
  Bible printing press... This company, the largest in the world to print Bibles, has printed more than 100 million since 1987 and has been exporting Bibles to over 70 countries and regions.

It took 20 years for the first 50 million; and in the last five years, there were  50 million Bibles
printed here. Incredible?! 

Of these, 60 million were in Chinese language and are distributed throughout the country, while another 40 million are in 116 languages, which are scattered over 70 countries and regions.

                            A moment in the celebration of the 100 million

We, at the Claretian Publications, have been been printing with Amity in the last 15 years and have printed several million copies by this time. We have printed Bibles in 12 languages. Around 200 guests met for this celebration. We have so much friendship with them that Fr. Alberto was invited to share with the visitors, his work experience. 

Divine , who works with us in Macao, with one of our friends of Amity

You see it is a very special relationship. Although the press is about 2000 kilometers from Macao, our communication is continuous over the Internet ... It's like having an office with them, available to assist us at all times, morning, noon and night. Though 60 million Bibles have been distributed in China in the past 25 years, the restrictions remain. Distribution is permitted only from the parishes or places of worship authorized. The public sale of the Bible is not allowed in libraries. It's time to wait and hope, also for the Word of God.


                          Our great friend and boss in Amity: Mr. Li Chunnong

  The Mr. Li and Mr. Hans , former director

                    Dvine and Fanny ... are like sisters. Fanny has just had her baby whom we call " CJ ". She is responsible for all our shipments abroad.
The 200 guests leave their signature and post in this panel.

Photo to remember: the 200 guests from around the world. 

A 'Claretian-hand' in the University of St. Joseph project


St. Joseph University is the Catholic University in Macao. This is a project that began 15 years ago as joint venture of the Catholic Church in Portugal and the Diocese of Macau. Recently, the university has signed a MoU with the Macau-SAR Government, through which the SAR Government will assist in setting up the required infrastructure for the purpose of the University. Upon request of the bishop of Macau, Fr. Alberto represents the Catholic Foundation for Higher Education - the apex body that supervises the University Project. The new contract signed with the SAR Government will make the new campus operational in two years.

Headlines in the local newspaper of Macau

Our friends from Hong Kong

When our Missionaries arrived in Hong Kong, we have found the generosity, support and accompaniment of a select group of lay people. Among them is Jessica Chan and her family. She often put aside her professional work to help us, especially in the distribution of our Bibles and books in English and Chinese, and has made us a bridge to public and religious institutions and even with the diocese.
For her birthday,  Jessica accompanied by her husband and son came
to Macau to celebrate with family
"Happy Birthday" = 祝你 生日快樂

The Small Christian Community

So are our Masses in our house Zhuhai, China.
 Readings are made ​​in Chinese
while homily is translated from English

In December we celebrated two birthdays in Zhuhai. This lady who is blessed on her birthday birthday has put at the disposal of the Catholics of Zhuhai a large room of her factory for the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist.
And this is Teresa, the team coordinator of the Chinese Bible Project in China. She has been a great partner in our Ministry for the past three years. Her commitment to the ministry of the Word of God enables us to move our Chinese Bible Project move smooth, with new notes and comments.

A Printing House that has printed 100 Million Bibles!

This Video on the Amity Printing Press was created when the press had completed printing 50 Million Bibles.