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Welcome to China Bulletin - August 2015

The Hong Kong International Book Fair

Cardinal John Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong and Bishop Stephen Lee leading the prayer service at the start of the Hong Kong International Book Fair on 15 July
Around 600 publishers from around the world exhibited their books during the week-long International Book Fair of Hong Kong from 15-21 July. Together with a handful Catholic Publishers, Claretian Publications, Macau also participated in this years book fair, which claims to be the biggest 'trade fair' of the City. 
Some of the volunteers at the Claretian Publication stall with Bishop Stephen Lee and Fr. Alberto 
John Cardinal Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong, together with Bishop Stephen Lee, Auxiliary Bishop led an opening prayer session at the start of the Fair and later made a short visit to all the Catholic Stalls. 
Cardinal John Tong visiting the Booth of the Claretian Publications  
The stall of Claretian Publications was set up and manned through the days of the Fair by the friends and collaborators of the missionaries in Hong Kong who collaborated with Frs. Alberto and Jijo in Macau. And this was an exceptional exposure for some of our priced Titles such as the new Chinese translation of the New Testament and the Titles by Pope Francis both in Chinese and English. 
Fr. Alberto with Bishop Stephen Lee 
Fr. Alberto and the entire team of the Chinese New Testament was delighted to receive a commendation from Bishop Michael Yeung, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong who said, 'Cardinal Tong suggested to him to consider using this version of the New Testament for the catechetical purposes in the Diocese as we never had such a presentation of the Bible in Chinese'

For us, a first-timer in the book-fair, could not have asked for anything better! For some visuals from Fair, Check the Video: 

Grab your copies now!

The best-sellers of the year - The Daily Gospel and Bible Diary 2016, both the English and Chinese versions are available for grab!  The print this time is as per the pre-orders to be more cost-effective. Hence, grab your copies to ensure you have them before we run out!
Daily Gospel 2016, from the Claretians in the Philippines 
Bible Diary 2016, from the Claretians in the Philippines 
Daily Gospel 2016, in Simplified Chinese from the Claretian Publications, Macau  
Now another important information before we present you the Daily Gospel 2016 in Traditional Chinese: 

The author of the reflections of the Chinese Daily Gospel 2016 is  Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, a Biblical languages expert and archeology scholar. Cardinal Ravasi is widely believed to be a papabile – a potential future Pope. He is also a cleric in the mold of Pope Francis according to those who know both men. Ravasi is an intellectual (the author of 150 texts), who speaks in pastoral tones.
Daily Gospel 2016 in Traditional Chinese 

Thanks giving and Birth-day dinner!

The first ever participation in the Hong Kong Book Fair was made smooth by the tremendous contributions from our collaborators and friends in Hong Kong. At the end of the Book Fair we planned for a thanksgiving meal, with all the volunteers and friends.

Together with the thanksgiving we also celebrated the Birthdays of Fr. Jijo (30 July) and Fr. Ezakias (7 August) and six of our friends in the group.

Eucharistic Adoration gaining momentum among the youth

The Diocesan English Youth (DEY) moves ahead with its monthly adoration nights on every first Tuesday of the Month in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Wanchai.

On July 22, the Adoration team brought our ministry to St. Benedict’s Church in Shatin. We wanted to give those who aren’t able to attend the monthly Adoration at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Wanchai a chance to share in the experience and to say thank you to St. Benedict’s parishioners for their hospitality at last year’s DEY Pilgrim Church mass.

It was a truly blessed evening; not only did many English speaking young adults come to spend time with the Lord, but around one hundred newly baptized from St. Benedict’s Chinese community were also on hand to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We were especially grateful for the chance to welcome the newest members of our faith family and to pray together before the Blessed Sacrament.

Once again, the evening was a team effort, and we extend a special thanks to St. Benedict’s, who consistently receive DEY with open arms and open hearts! Though it is the Adoration team’s first time on tour as it were, we hope to visit more parishes in Kowloon and the New Territories.

Parish Feast Day in St. Benedict Church, Shatin

Bishop Stepen Lee Bun-sang, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong together with Fr. Simon Li, the Parish Priest and Fr. Joseph, Tam Nguyen Duy during the Feast day Mass 

 Bishop Stephen Li, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, 
during the Feast Day celebrations in Martyrs and Blessed of China Mass Centre, 
at Woche, Shatin 

Bishop Stephen Li, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, with the parishioners of the Mass Centre 
after the Feast Day Celebrations on 5 July 

During the Holy Mass on the Feast of St. Benedict in Shatin, Hong Kong 
The Church of St.Benedict has celebrated the feast of the Martyrs and Blessed of China, the patron saints of the Mass Centre on 5 July and of St.Benedict, the Patron of the parish on 12 July.

The members of the Parish Council, during the Offertory Procession 
 Bishop Stephen Li, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, during the Eucharistic celebration in the Martyrs and Blessed of China Mass Centre has enlightened the parishioners about the life of faith.

Bishop Michael Yeung, the Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, presiding over the Festal Mass 
"We witness Christ in our daily life by living the faith through sacrifices, forgiveness and love in our families, society and towards each other", he said.
Reception after the Festal Mass 
On the Feast day of St. Benedict,  Bishop Michael Yeung, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, celebrated the Festal Mass.
Honoring the priests and religious in the Year of Consecrated Life 
Bishop during his homily reflected on the silence and Holy life of St.Benedict. He called on the faithful to emulate the virtues of St.Benedict our patron saint by adhering to Simple and sober way of life, passion for prayer and Hard work to experience the presence of God and to become the persons of prayer and people of God.
Festal Meal 
In the afternoon on the same day, Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-sing, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, has given us a talk on the theme of ‘what does St.Francis of Assisi has to say to this present world’. He highlighted the present day crises in family, society, youth, and children, problems of communication, cleanliness, and protecting the environment.

Quoting the Encyclical of the pope Francis "Laudato Si", Bishop Ha said "we need to love the Creation of God, admire and care for it". The Celebrations were concluded with a "family meal".  

Retreat fro Bishops in Beijing

Archbishop Thomas with two Chinese bishops in Beijing
Archbishop Thomas Menamparampill from India, preacehd a retreat to 20 bishops and priests in China. A foreign bishop giving a retreat to a group of bishops in China is something extraordinary. A good friend of our missionaries, Archbishop Thomas offered to help in preaching retreat for the bishops of China in late July to the delight of all participants, and especially of Archbishop Thomas himself.

In the courtyard of the Cathedral of Beijing

Claretian Deacon Ordained in Japan

Deacon  Ken Masuda, CMF
Claretian Seminarian Ken Masuda was ordained a Deacon on 11 July 2015 by Bishop Goro Matsuura in the Claretian Parish of Midorigaoka  Church (Nagoya, Japan). After the Ordination Deacon Ken had written a beautiful peace of article for the bulletin of the East Asia Delegation:

In Japanese we use the expression, “to receive the grace of ordination,” which I thought before was no more than a common phrase used in the Church in Japan, but when I was ordained I felt strongly that the diaconate is truly a grace and a gift that God gave me “gratis”. I received many graces on that day but the greatest was the “grace of light.”

That day was really a “day of light.” Because of the rainy season, we had had many grayish days with lots of rain. Moreover, three typhoons were approaching Japan, so many parishioners of Midorigaoka prayed devoutly that it wouldn’t be a stormy day. Then, a miracle happened! That day was very sunny like a bright summer day that made us laugh as we thought that we might have prayed too much.

Although we celebrated my diaconate ordination under the brilliant sun, the participants’ joyful faces were even brighter. On the faces of the parishioners of Midorigaka who heartfully prepared for the ordination and of those who came from Osaka, Tokorozawa and other places I saw the light of joy which was so beautiful that made me very happy.

Prostrating myself during the Litany of the Saints, I felt the people’s prayer penetrate my heart like a light. I was sure that not only those present there were praying because I also felt the prayers of many other people praying in different places. That was a moment I realized the power of prayer. I understood that the ordination was not my personal celebration but a feast of the whole people of God, celebrating God’s mercy as Monsignor Matsuura told us in his homily.

I chose for the Gospel reading the passage of the washing of feet from the Gospel of John. Jesus tells us that those who wash the feet of their brothers and sisters are happy. I learned from this passage that to serve is my happiness rather than a mere duty. The merciful God who has led me is not in a far place but is present among his people and dwells in the brightness of everyone’s heart. I strongly felt my desire to be a servant who unites the hearts of many so that the light of everyone may become one to illumine this world.

New Ordinations in Macau and Hong Kong

Reverend Cyril Cheung Lok-tin was ordained a priest at the Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception on July 4, during a celebration officiated by John Cardinal Tong Hon, the bishop of Hong Kong. In his homily, Cardinal Tong said that priests are chosen to serve the people of God, and that they should show constant joy and genuine love.

The newly-ordained Father Chueng shared that he accepted the duty not for himself, but for others, the universal Church and the whole world. He encouraged people to try their best to live a sanctified life and pray for the universal Church and the world in the face of challenging circumstances.

Cheung Yim Lai-seung, the mother of the new priest, said that her son told her he wanted to be a priest when he was two. She said that family members have seen his strong faith in God and were also deeply affected. “We have learned to rely on God; seeking spiritual wealth is more important than material wealth,” she said.
Reverend Cyril Cheung Lok-tin  ( second from left) together with Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing, Auxiliary Bishop Stephen Lee Bun-sang, the bishop of Hong Kong John Cardinal Tong Hon, the former bishop, Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun and Auxiliary Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Hong Kong   

Father Cheung was born to a Catholic family in 1985. He has a younger sister. He was baptised at St. Vincent’s Church, Wong Tai Sin, now part of Mother of Good Counsel parish, San Po Kong. He later attended Mass at St. Alfred’s Church, Shatin, where he was an alter server.

New Jesuit Priest in Macau 
Rev. Vincentius Haryanto of the Society of Jesus was ordained priest by His Excellency Bishop José Lai in St Lawrence Church at 3:30 PM on Saturday, 27th of June.

He was ordained deacon on June 28, 2014 in Holy Family Church (Taipei, Taiwan).
The Ordination liturgy at St. Lawrence Church, Macau 
Father Vincentius, was born in Surabaya (East Java) in 1978. He joined the Jesuits in 1998.

Since 2013 he moved to Macau and learned Cantonese while doing a small ministry in Star of the Sea Secondary School and at Saint Lawrence Church.

Bishop José Lai celebrating the Eucharist after the Ordination of Fr. Vincentius 

Together with the members of the family