Saturday, August 01, 2015

Parish Feast Day in St. Benedict Church, Shatin

Bishop Stepen Lee Bun-sang, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong together with Fr. Simon Li, the Parish Priest and Fr. Joseph, Tam Nguyen Duy during the Feast day Mass 

 Bishop Stephen Li, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, 
during the Feast Day celebrations in Martyrs and Blessed of China Mass Centre, 
at Woche, Shatin 

Bishop Stephen Li, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, with the parishioners of the Mass Centre 
after the Feast Day Celebrations on 5 July 

During the Holy Mass on the Feast of St. Benedict in Shatin, Hong Kong 
The Church of St.Benedict has celebrated the feast of the Martyrs and Blessed of China, the patron saints of the Mass Centre on 5 July and of St.Benedict, the Patron of the parish on 12 July.

The members of the Parish Council, during the Offertory Procession 
 Bishop Stephen Li, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, during the Eucharistic celebration in the Martyrs and Blessed of China Mass Centre has enlightened the parishioners about the life of faith.

Bishop Michael Yeung, the Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, presiding over the Festal Mass 
"We witness Christ in our daily life by living the faith through sacrifices, forgiveness and love in our families, society and towards each other", he said.
Reception after the Festal Mass 
On the Feast day of St. Benedict,  Bishop Michael Yeung, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, celebrated the Festal Mass.
Honoring the priests and religious in the Year of Consecrated Life 
Bishop during his homily reflected on the silence and Holy life of St.Benedict. He called on the faithful to emulate the virtues of St.Benedict our patron saint by adhering to Simple and sober way of life, passion for prayer and Hard work to experience the presence of God and to become the persons of prayer and people of God.
Festal Meal 
In the afternoon on the same day, Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-sing, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong, has given us a talk on the theme of ‘what does St.Francis of Assisi has to say to this present world’. He highlighted the present day crises in family, society, youth, and children, problems of communication, cleanliness, and protecting the environment.

Quoting the Encyclical of the pope Francis "Laudato Si", Bishop Ha said "we need to love the Creation of God, admire and care for it". The Celebrations were concluded with a "family meal".  

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