Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chinese Catholics Prepare for Scripture Synod

Participants in a worldwide meeting for Chinese Catholics on the Bible expressed a commitment to deepen their spiritual life and witness to the word of God in preparation for the next world Synod of Bishops.

Delegates made these commitments at the Hong Kong-based United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association conference in Macau last Nov. 1-5. The conference was titled "Experiences of Community Building with the Word of God."

Over 110 Chinese-speaking participants from more than 15 countries took part in the Macau meeting, and decided to coordinate their pastoral initiatives with the universal Church, specifically the Pauline Year from June 2008-2009, and the October Synod of Bishops on Scripture, reported a Nov. 12 statement.

Participants also decided to make better use of technology and mass media to popularize Bible reading and share resources by setting up a fund for countries with limited resources.
Claretian Fr. Peter Chao presented to the group the new edition of the Chinese Pastoral Bible (in preparation) and the Chinese Daily Gospel 2008, and the bishop of Macau gave a copy of it to each participant.

Meeting in our Macau office with some Chinese friends who attended the bible meeting.

From left: Bro. SC, Fr. Peter Chao, Fr. Joseph Zheng Wenzi, Fr. Alberto Rossa, Bro. John Mi Shen and Fr. John Shi.

Chinese printers celebrate 50 millionth Bible

On 8 December, a celebration will be held in Nanjing, China, to celebrate the printing of the 50 millionth Bible at the Amity Printing Company (APC), which was printed on 11 September this year.Ten years after the Cultural Revolution, Amity Press was established in Nanjing and its first Bible was printed in 1987. Since then over 50 million Bibles have been printed there. Forty-two million of these were distributed in mainland China, while the remaining eight million were exported to over 60 different countries. "What has happened to the Bible in China is a miracle," said the United Bible Society China Partnership Coordinator, Kua Wee Send."Just over 40 years ago, during the Cultural Revolution, the Bible was banned and all copies were confiscated. But today there are more Bibles than any other book in China — it is unofficially the best-selling book there."Only God can make a thing like that happen, because God works through the Chinese authorities, through the Church in China, through the Bible Societies and through each and every donor."China is believed to have one of the fastest growing Christian populations in the world. Officially there are thought to be around 22 million Christians in China, unofficially the number could be as much as four times higher.According to APD Switzerland, a recent survey of 4,500 people conducted by the East China Normal University in Shanghai, suggested that 31.4 per cent of Chinese people over the age of 16 would consider themselves religious. Of those professing to be religious, around 12 per cent were Christian.

From China to the WORLD!

Amity Press is building a new facility in Nanjing
and projects production of more than 10 million
copies per year starting in 2008.

The Pastoral Bible Foundation started printing bibles and other books with Amity 10 years ago. This year alone they have printed for us more than 700,000 books that went all over the world.


Editorial and publishing work is the main ministry of the Pastoral Bible Foundation (PBF) in China and for the rest of the world. We publish bibles and bible related books. When our job is finished, the “life” of the book begins. We feel like the sower – “results” will be in God’s hands.
Today we share a recent email from Fr. John Wilson, from the Diocese of Leeds, England:

"I am delighted to say that the copies of the Acts of the Apostles/Ephesians arrived into England last Saturday. Our courier managed to get them quickly through customs and loading and they reached Leeds on Wednesday. Our distribution company has been busy delivering them and we hope that all the parishes will have them for the First Sunday of Advent.

"The copies are excellent and the large print versions are particularly appreciated. I am, once again, so thankful to you and your staff to providing us with such outstanding service. Thank you so very much and be sure of our prayers and very best wishes for your ministry.

"You are supporting our diocesan efforts for renewal and evangelisation in such a fantastic way. I hope that we will have the opportunity to collaborate together again in the future."

We printed 50,000 copies of this booklet for the Diocese of Leeds

Cantonese anyone?

With joy we share the news that Fr. Jojo successfully finished his first term of Cantonese studies at the Hong Kong Yale University. On Friday November 30th he passed his oral exam and is now enjoying one month brake. Since the study of this language is very difficult and the course very intense, the university holds classes for three months and then gives one month brake. While in the parish of Christ the Worker in Hong Kong, Fr. Jojo entertains participants with a magic show. Jojo is an expert “magician”!

Claretian Publications Hong Kong

With the help of Fr. Jojo, Claretian Publications
is making a splash in Hong Kong

Our visitors

With Bro. John Mi Shen, one of our Chinese editors; and Fr. Joseph Zhang Wenzi, soon to finish his doctoral biblical studies at the Catholic University of America, USA.

SIMBAHAY: sunday gospel reflections

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‘Saved by Hope’

Today’s quote:

Eternal life…: “It would be like plunging into the ocean of infinite love,” the pope writes, “a moment in which time – the before and after – no longer exists.”