Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chinese Catholics Prepare for Scripture Synod

Participants in a worldwide meeting for Chinese Catholics on the Bible expressed a commitment to deepen their spiritual life and witness to the word of God in preparation for the next world Synod of Bishops.

Delegates made these commitments at the Hong Kong-based United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association conference in Macau last Nov. 1-5. The conference was titled "Experiences of Community Building with the Word of God."

Over 110 Chinese-speaking participants from more than 15 countries took part in the Macau meeting, and decided to coordinate their pastoral initiatives with the universal Church, specifically the Pauline Year from June 2008-2009, and the October Synod of Bishops on Scripture, reported a Nov. 12 statement.

Participants also decided to make better use of technology and mass media to popularize Bible reading and share resources by setting up a fund for countries with limited resources.
Claretian Fr. Peter Chao presented to the group the new edition of the Chinese Pastoral Bible (in preparation) and the Chinese Daily Gospel 2008, and the bishop of Macau gave a copy of it to each participant.

Meeting in our Macau office with some Chinese friends who attended the bible meeting.

From left: Bro. SC, Fr. Peter Chao, Fr. Joseph Zheng Wenzi, Fr. Alberto Rossa, Bro. John Mi Shen and Fr. John Shi.

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