Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Welcome to the Macau-China Bulletin: August 2010

China - Taiwan Regional Assembly in Hong KongThe Maryknoll House at Stanly, Hong Kong
The Claretian Missionaries of China-Taiwan Area of the East Asian Independent Delegation celebrated their first Regional Assembly at the Maryknoll House in Stanley, Hong Kong, from 5 to 9 July 2010. The assembly was the culmination of an extensive preparation that began five months ago with the pre-assembly meeting in Macau. Twelve Claretians from four centers, with the Superior General and the Delegate Superior gathered for the week-long assembly.
With Rev. Msgr. Ante Jozić (Seated in the middle) and
Fr. Joseph Koonamparampil
(Seated right)
The assembly began at 5:10 pm with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Vatican representative for China, Rev. Msgr. Ante Jozić. Fr. Joseph Koonampaarampil, a Claretian Missionary, who was giving classes in canon law at the nunciature, also concelebrated. Rev. Msgr. Ante Jozić, Addressing the gathering; Fr. General is also seen
Msgr. Jozić talked in his homily about the mission in China in the perspective of the 400th anniversary of Matteo Ricci’s death, the pioneering Jesuit missionary who arrived in mainland China at the end of the XVI century. He elaborated on the letter of the Holy Father on the occasion of the Matteo Ricci commemoration. Quoting the Holy Father, he said, “Fr Ricci was primarily a missionary, who went to China to bring the Gospel. And in doing so he formed an important dialogue between cultures, between China and the West.” In the Maryknoll Chapel
For missionaries aspiring to go to China even today, the example of Ricci is very relevant. The Vatican representative appreciated the kind of mission the Claretians are involved in in Macau-Hong Kong and China. He expressed surprise that the Claretians are not involved in the China affairs meeting in Rome. He suggested that we should also be part of the China affairs meeting.
With Bishop John Tong, Bishop of Hong Kong
On the Second day of the Assembly, Bishop John Tong, Bishop of Hong Kong presided over the Eucharist and shared the status and expectations of the Church in Hong Kong and deliberated on the the role of the Missionaries in the life of the Church in the Region. He expressed his happiness over the presence of the Claretians in His Diocese and welcomed us to be actively participating in the Mission of the building up of the Church in the Region. With Fr. Brian MM (in blue T Shirt)
During the Assembly, a couple of Maryknoll Missionaries like Fr. Brian, Fr. Scott and Fr.Tom Peyton also addressed the gathering, sharing their rich experiences in the Mainland China. With Fr. Peyton MM (Front raw, 3rd from left) and Fr. Scott, MM (Front raw, 3rd from right)
Fr. Peyton M.M, who had a long and meaningful experience in Chinese lands, is a close friend and benefactor of the Claretian mission in Macau-Hong Kong. Our two young missionaries, Jose and Ezakias are living in his parish while they study Cantonese in H.K.
Interactive Session With the Claretian "Associates"
The Assembly also provided an opportunity for a gathering of the Claretian Associates in Hong Kong together with the Missionaries on the last day. We had an interactive session with our friends during which Fr. General briefed the gathering about the Universal Claretian Mission and our specific presence in the Church in China. Another Picture of the friends' gathering
He, on behalf of the Missionaries, expressed our sincere appreciation towards all our friends and associates in Hong Kong for the numerous ways of support they render.

Harvest Festival celebrated in Taipei

Most.Rev.John Hung Shan-Chuan, SVD Presides over the Eucharistic Celebration
The Taiwan Catholic Church celebrate the first Sunday of August as Aborginal's Day. The Catholic Church in Taipei celebrate the Harvest festival and the Feast of Assumption together. Most. Rev. John Hung Shan-Chuan, SVD with
Fr. Arturo Morales during the Liturgy

Most. Rev. John Hung Shan-Chuan, SVD Presided over the the solemn Mass. During the Homily he urged people for the need of putting together their cultre and fiath together.They were almost from 10 Parishes and were around 2000 in Number.After Mass we had a small social gathering and there after a shared meal.After lunch there was Aborginal dance to Praise the Blessed Virgin and it was in the form of competition from each paishe. There after the whole gathering was divided in to differnet age group and had dance. It was really a time for them to cherish their culture and tradition and also a way to tell the young generation how to put together the culture and faith. We, Claretians are working with them for more than Ten years. Now Frs. Auturo Morales and Joshy Chirayilparampil help the pastoral needs of the Aborginals in the Diocese of Taipei, especially with Amis people.