Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome to the Macau-China Bulletin: June 2012

A constant question from readers is:

What are you doing in China?

We do many things ... here is the tip of the iceberg: ...a sample of our publications. We publish Bibles in several models and languages, also in Chinese. 

Our teammate, Ian, has prepared a sample of the Bibles available in different sizes and languages.

The latest arrival of the month of June is the New Testament with Lectio Divina:

 In the first 5 months of 2012 we printed and distributed 500,000 books .... And a long list is currently in print at the press in China.  The 90,000 copies of the Bible Diary 2013 are already dispatched to 25 countries across the world. Here is the cover:

Publications in English:


Testimony of a Chinese priest on the Bible:

"The Second Vatican Council opened our eyes and hearts to the Bible. We had never seen a Bible when we were small, just heard our elders tell stories of the Bible. We saw a Bible for the first time in 1993, at the hands of a seminarian. With my colleagues we borrow it to copy the text by hand.

Since the 80's, the Protestants have taken the lead with the publication of the Bible and this is one reason for its rapid growth. In number of Catholics who read the Bible also has increased gradually. Thanks to the internet, people can access and can access daily to the Gospel and other biblical materials.

A large number of Catholics read the Bible now. One problem is that this official version fails to meet the needs of different groups. I hope, a new and simple version of the Bible may help the people to guide them in their spiritual life. "

Also published in Chinese.
This is the cover of the Chinese Bible Diary 2013 :


First priestly ordination for Hainan in 60 years

The Diocese of Hainan, which consists of a small island off the southern part of the continental mainland of China, held two memorable events in its history: For the first time in 60 years, a new priest was ordained for Hainan island, southern China, on May 17 and the newly finished Sacred Heart of Jesus Church was consecrated in the capital city, Haikou.

At a ceremony attended by around 600 people, Reverend Zhang Wenmin was ordained a priest by Bishop Joseph Gan Junqiu of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, who was joined by two other bishops from Guangdong province.

Father Zhang, who is from Tangshan in northern China, was sent to work in Hainan while a seminarian. He was asked to stay to monitor the construction of the new church, which began after the government granted just over two hectares of land for the project.

According to Father Yang Hailong, the diocesan administrator, the then-deacon was asked to remain because the diocese had been without a priest since the advent of communist rule. Hainan now has two priests and two religious sisters serving 5,000 people in eight churches on the island.

How to choose a bishop in China?

Fr. Thaddeus Dagin Ma was elected by the priests and people as the next Auxiliary Bishop of Shanghai.
 The future Bishop Fr. Thaddeus Dagin Ma celebrates Mass on May 24, World Day of Prayer for China.

A group of 205 representatives, including 86 diocesan priests, 55 religious and 64 lay people showed up to vote for a new bishop. Among them only 190 voted. Fr. Ma got 160 votes. This is the way the government wants the bishops to be elected "democratically". It is noteworthy that Fr. Ma also received support from the Vatican.

The present Bishop of Shanghai is nearing 100 years. The bishop-elect is a graduate of the diocese of Shanghai in 1994 and was once director of the Catholic publishing house Guangqi Press with which Claretians are associated for our publications work. Shanghai has 150,000 Catholics and diocese is one of the largest and most prominent in China.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Cardinal of Hong Kong visits Macau

Cardinal John Tong returned to his alma mater of Macao to share a day of grace with his old friends.
Fr. Jojo with the New Cardinal

  Fr. Rossa with Bishop Jose Lai of Macau [Left] and Cardinal John Tong [Right]

World Day of Prayer for the Church in China:

On May 24, feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians, is celebrated around the world as the Day of Prayer for the Church in China as proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI . Bishop Ma Da Qin , vicar of the diocese of Shanghai, presided over the solemn Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Sheshan, in communion with the universal Church and in response to the appeal of the Holy Father.

The Catholic communities in the region have made numerous initiatives to celebrate the moth of May in honour of Our Lady. Chinese faithful have made many pilgrimages to Marian shrines throughout the month, praying for China and the world, to strengthen their faith in union with the Pope, the successor of Peter, and to deepen their Marian spirituality.

 Pilgrims praying the Rosary. Despite the cold weather, about  5000 people gathered at the shrine of Sheshan  for the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Our Visitors

We had a number of Claretian Conferrers who visited us in Macau and Hong Kong in the Month of May. 

On 1 May Fr. Marcel li Fonts, our Provincial Superior together with Frs Peter Chao and Jojo Peter, paid a visit to St Benedict Church, Shatin, Hong Kong. 

Towards the end of the Month, we had two young Claretians from Taiwan, Fr. Liju and Fr. Bobin, visiting Macau and Hong Kong.Frs. Bobin and Liju joined the China Mission in Taiwan in 2011 and are currently pursuing their Chinese Language studied in Taipei.

Fr. Arturo Elected Treasurer of the Association of Religious at Taipei

The annual meeting of the Association of Major Religious Superiors was held at the Manresa Center of Spirituality in Changhua, Taipei between 16 - 19 April 2012. Sixty one provincials and other representatives of men and women religious congregations participated. During the elections for the new office bearers, Fr. Arturo Morales, cmf was elected Treasure of the Association. The time for this service is two years.  Congratulations, Fr. Arturo! God's Blessings in Abundance!!

Fr. Peyton receives Annual Red Cross Humanity Award

 Fr. Tom Peyton MM, [in the middle] receiving the Red Cross Award
Fr. Tom Peyton, a veteran Maryknoll Missionary and a good friend of the Claretians in Hong Kong, received the Annual Humanity Award from the Hong Kong Red Cross and Radio Television Hong Kong for his selfless services to the needy in Hong Kong and mainland China. 

The 81-year-old American missionary received his award, along with four others, on May 26. The Red Cross explained that it was in honor of their “long term contributions to humanity through serving the vulnerable.” The Red Cross praised Father Peyton who, “serves, as his first priority, those who face prejudice, having been abandoned by society or being seen as a burden” in Hong Kong and mainland China for three decades after he was sent to Hong Kong in 1981.

On arriving to a parish Father Peyton visits local residents to find out their needs, and helps to start up numerous new services, the Red Cross said. He also visits prisoners and those who sleep out on the streets. “A parish is a point to serve the community,” Father Peyton said following the ceremony. “When my parishioners learn about my works, they will join me,” he added. In 1994, Father Peyton also began his relief work in Mainland China, where he visited people suffering from leprosy in 12 provinces, including Guangdong and Sichuan.