Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome to the Macau-China Bulletin: June 2012

A constant question from readers is:

What are you doing in China?

We do many things ... here is the tip of the iceberg: ...a sample of our publications. We publish Bibles in several models and languages, also in Chinese. 

Our teammate, Ian, has prepared a sample of the Bibles available in different sizes and languages.

The latest arrival of the month of June is the New Testament with Lectio Divina:

 In the first 5 months of 2012 we printed and distributed 500,000 books .... And a long list is currently in print at the press in China.  The 90,000 copies of the Bible Diary 2013 are already dispatched to 25 countries across the world. Here is the cover:

Publications in English:


Testimony of a Chinese priest on the Bible:

"The Second Vatican Council opened our eyes and hearts to the Bible. We had never seen a Bible when we were small, just heard our elders tell stories of the Bible. We saw a Bible for the first time in 1993, at the hands of a seminarian. With my colleagues we borrow it to copy the text by hand.

Since the 80's, the Protestants have taken the lead with the publication of the Bible and this is one reason for its rapid growth. In number of Catholics who read the Bible also has increased gradually. Thanks to the internet, people can access and can access daily to the Gospel and other biblical materials.

A large number of Catholics read the Bible now. One problem is that this official version fails to meet the needs of different groups. I hope, a new and simple version of the Bible may help the people to guide them in their spiritual life. "

Also published in Chinese.
This is the cover of the Chinese Bible Diary 2013 :


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