Monday, June 11, 2012

How to choose a bishop in China?

Fr. Thaddeus Dagin Ma was elected by the priests and people as the next Auxiliary Bishop of Shanghai.
 The future Bishop Fr. Thaddeus Dagin Ma celebrates Mass on May 24, World Day of Prayer for China.

A group of 205 representatives, including 86 diocesan priests, 55 religious and 64 lay people showed up to vote for a new bishop. Among them only 190 voted. Fr. Ma got 160 votes. This is the way the government wants the bishops to be elected "democratically". It is noteworthy that Fr. Ma also received support from the Vatican.

The present Bishop of Shanghai is nearing 100 years. The bishop-elect is a graduate of the diocese of Shanghai in 1994 and was once director of the Catholic publishing house Guangqi Press with which Claretians are associated for our publications work. Shanghai has 150,000 Catholics and diocese is one of the largest and most prominent in China.

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