Monday, January 15, 2007


You will remember that we presented this project before These past days we helped two more parishes to start their parish library. Fr. Huang Yudao, the coordinator of the project, writes:

Two parishes: one is Nanguan Church in Gaoyi County, and Yifeng Church in Longyao County bought some books from Faith Press, the books of Nanguan Church cost ¥2,578.64, and Yifeng bought ¥2,450.64. We are trying to buy books from Guangqi Press and Sophia Press now.

For those interested to help, we are accepting donations for this project. We have contacted Missio München and they are accepting donations for this particular project. If you want to help this project you can do it by writing to us or by using a special Missio Bank account; here is the Bank address:

Auch Spenden sind nötig:
MISSIO - München

Konto 2144069
BLZ 75090300
Kennwort: Bibeln für China 57285

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