Thursday, July 26, 2007

The dialogue continues

Our contacts in China tell us that the Letter of the Pope to Chinese Catholics has been well received. We pray now that the day will soon come when we could have harmonious relationships between the Vatican and China and also a genuine reconciliation between all Christians.

On July 24 the Pope was asked by journalists about a possible invitation to visit China, Benedict XVI said that the situation is "somewhat complicated." Earlier that day, the Italian daily La Repubblica published an interview with the vice chairman of the Chinese government's Patriotic Association, which oversees and monitors religion in the country. Anthony Liu Bainian was quoted as saying, "I hope with all my strength to one day see the Pope here, in Beijing, celebrating Mass for us, the Chinese."

Claretians have a very cordial relationship with Mr. Liu Bainian since 1996 when he approved the publication of our Chinese Pastoral Bible. He has also approved several other books for publication that we are now preparing.

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