Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fr. Jojo tells us the story of a casual encounter with a Chinese young man:

China is a place that fascinates me and gives me lot of joy and hope. On my first journey across the border I met a young man called Jiang who works in a Xerox shop, in the city of Zhuhai, which is just opposite of Macau. We talked for good while. He is a very simple and open young man. Then I met him second time one day when I returned to the shop for some copies, he embraced me and said “you are my best friend,” and he introduced me to his friends and accompanied me wherever I wanted to go in the city.

On one occasion he visited our apartment in Zhuhai and brought some gifts. Next he helped me to cook. And slowly our friendship grew.

One day he visited our residence in Macau and took part in all our community activities including Morning Prayer and Mass. And he told us that he is really impressed by our way of life. When we gave him an option to see the famous Macau Tower or to see some of the charitable works that we do, he opted to see the charitable works. And even he offered his readiness and willingness to help us in whatever way possible… even though he is a member of communist party!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Jojo,

Haven't you heard that it is now easier to find a camel in China that can pass through the hole of a needle than to meet a Communist Party member who believes in either Communism or the Party?