Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Unique Guest

Mikael Chen-ho Chao is a university professor in USA. He came to Macau to visit his father. A very natural event… But it so happens that Mike’s father is Fr. Peter Chao!

OK! Fr. Peter is a widower. He has three children, all married: two daughters and Mike, his youngest. Fr. Peter entered the Claretian Congregation in Taiwan, several years after his wife had passed away. Last October 2006, he was ordained priest and is now part of our community in Macau. And, by the way, except for a few days in Macau, Fr. Peter spends his time, talent and treasure… his entire LIFE at the service of the Chinese Christians. As of this writing he is somewhere in the continent… a true evangelizer!

Our community was very pleased and honored to have Mikael for a few hours with us.

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