Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Meeting with the Director of the Administrative Commission of Catholic Church in China and Contacts in Shanghai

Alberto was invited by the Spanish speaking community of Shanghai to attend to their pastoral needs at the beginning of December. It is a very vibrant community longing for a Spanish speaking priest to take care of their spiritual needs. These are professional and business people sent by their countries or companies and are there with their families.

Since there were important things to share and discuss in Beijing, Alberto went also there to talk with Mr. Liu Bain Nian, a person who has helped us during the past 10 years, especially for the distribution of the Pastoral Bible in China. This time we asked permission to bring English and Chinese books from abroad for the 12 Major Seminaries in China. Mr. Liu will facilitate the entry of these books that, as we reported previously, are donated by several publishing houses in USA (for the English titles). We also talked about a new revised edition of our Chinese Bible and several other projects related to our pastoral ministry.

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