Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Follow up in Osaka, Japan

On April 22 we again met in Osaka, Japan, this time accompanied by Fr. Michael Saso PhD, a friend and an expert in dealing with universities in China. With his help we found some of the “unexplored frontiers” in the field of education.

We studied the possibility of opening in Beijing undergraduate courses with classes in English for children of foreign families living in Beijing and foreigners from anywhere in the world. There are about 10,000 of these families and their children attend about 30 foreign schools where classes are taught in English. There are no colleges yet in China for these children and their families are forced to send them abroad for their college studies. Is this one of the “unexplored frontiers”?

The new venture: IUB – International University of Beijing

It sounds big… and it could be, but we plan to start by offering a semester with the following accredited courses:

  • Chinese Language

  • Cultural History of China

  • Doing Business in China

  • Teaching English as a Second Language / College English

Classes will all be in English. For this an agreement has been signed with BSU (Beijing Sport University). The university will provide housing, rooms for classes, and all the facilities this beautiful institution has for its 22,000 students. There are limited scholarships available, in case you or someone you know is interested in spending one semester in Beijing Fr. Francisco “Paco” Carin, a Claretian missionary well versed in Chinese will be its Director.

For more information you can write to him at:

You can also have a glance at the complete program at:

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