Monday, June 30, 2008

International University of Beijing

We are preparing to begin a university program in Beijing, called IUB. It will be the first time that college degrees, taught in English, at university level will be offered in China. The program is located at the Beijing Sports University (BSU) campus. Registration is now open for foreigners living in China, and anyone interested in a semester of accredited study in Beijing. The Fall `08 program is September 15 to December 4.

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Scholarships are available. Here is the program:

FALL 2008 Courses

A Cultural History of China: 3 units
Textbooks: Class notes, and J.A.G. Roberts, A Concise history of China; Harvard: 2002; Prof. Shen Wei, and Prof Gai Yuaming,,Academy of Social Sciences; (Michael Saso, PhD; Fr Francisco Carin, CMF).

Teaching English as a second language: 3 units
Weekly lesson in TESL, with internships, nightly time teaching on BSU campus. IUB staff.

Doing Business in China: 3 units
Prof. Axel Winkler, MBA; 20 years of experience running a successful business in China, with guest lecturers from US AACSB approved professors.

Martial Arts: 3 units
Special instructions by BSU staff, Prof Teng Jian, PhD, Jet Li and Jackie Chan style martial arts combat; or, traditional Taiji lessons in the Yang style of self defense movement.

Asian Cinema Seminar.
The best of Asian movies, from China, Japan, Korea, and DVD Anime Manga classics. In depth discussion and analysis after each selected movie. Conducted by Prof Shen Wei, Dr Michael Saso, Fr. Francisco Carin, CMF.

Other electives:
Calligraphy and traditional brush art; TCM; acupressure, Tibetan herbal medicine, Tibetan Tangkha Buddhist art painting.

Field Trip:
Each semester a field study trip is offered. It will be determined according to student interests. Possible places: the Shanghai-Hangzhou area; the Nanjing (Mao Shan Taoist Mtn and Xixia Shan Buddhist mountain); the Xian - Terra Cotta warriors, or the HK Pearl Delta trip.

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