Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet Ian Dacayanan – your blog designer

Divine shares about her teammate and co-worker:

Jack of all trades… an expert in so many things….

Let me share with you what our partner is doing during his extra time in Macau. Aside from being our artist in the Publications, he does other things in our office and community, even as he is also a volunteer in numerous activities in Macau. Since March, he has been like a doctor, nurse and a medical secretary every third Sunday of every month, recording the information of patients during the Free Medical Mission conducted by the Overseas Medical Center in Macau in coordination with the Filipino Pharmacists Association in Macau and in cooperation with the Philippine Overseas & Labor Office in Macau. Our other companion, Ate Tess Pardo also works as a volunteer in this in assisting the patients.

In the pastoral ministry to the Filipino migrants, he is the full-time artist, who does all the brochures, flyers, newsletters, and certificates, designs t-shirts, collates multi-media resource formation materials, and also the purchasing officer and coordinator with the printing press in China. Even without knowing the language, he can bargain for a good price for whatever we need in our pastoral ministry. He has also built a relationship with some middlemen in Zhuhai, who help us get what we need, whether it’s printing job, signage, souvenir items for some speakers, you name it and he’s got it all for you! He too is our photographer.

To his friends, he is their source of information and consultant, creating and editing résumés for them, application letters, visa processing, labor law consulting, finding cheap airline tickets, and the ever-available and always-willing tourist guide (not only to his friends but to the guests of our community as well).

To the “young once,” he has that special charisma for them, as he patiently listens to their stories and helps them in their need, making him their darling and favorite grandson.

This is our Jack – our Ian of all trades and expert in so many things… So we always tell him, “What will happen to us if you are not around…”

Well, he does most of these things during his free time. During office hours he has other assignments: today (May 26) he finished layouting the Chinese Daily Gospel 2010. How can he do it without knowing Chinese? Well… “impossible is nothing”!

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