Monday, August 01, 2011

To the Summit!

During this summer vacation, our Chinese editors visited Hua-Shan (Flowery mountain), one of the most scenic mountains in 陝西 Shǎnxī, China. It’s breath-taking for the grandeur mountain ranges floating in the clouds like a great lotus and the tourists cannot resist but to climb up to the highest summit of 2160m (The South-Mount).
Shǎnxī, in China
On the way to the mountain is a village where there are Catholics for the past 300 years. These are simple people who have maintained their faith in the midst of immense difficulties. With great effort they managed to build a Church and now they have a priest who accompanies them. People are very poor and it is common for children to leave school to help in the field.

With the help of the pastor and the help from scholarships the village is giving importance to giving education to its children. They are ecstatic that for the first time they manage to give collegiate education for eight of its students this year. These guys told us that their secret is discipline and good example and with the help they receive from the priest, they mature in their faith.

To enjoy the scenery up the mountain of Hua-Shan takes 4 hours of hazardous trekking! These young people need lots of love, support, opportunities (and "discipline" ... as they say), to climb the mountain of their lives. They are the 'rock' upon which the Church is built.

To assist in their training, we will install in this village a "parish library." Click here to know more about the "Parish Library" Project

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