Friday, March 02, 2012

The Church in Hong Kong

With the presence of Frs. Jose and Ezakias in the Diocese of Hong Kong, both finishing the study of Cantonese, the Claretian Missionaries move into a stable presence in this city. Here are some interesting facts:

The Church of Immaculate Conception at the Diocesan Centre
A study conducted by the Diocesan Building and Development Commission, has shown that the Catholic population of Hong Kong has grown in recent years, but the ratio of priests to lay people has diminished. As of 2010, locally baptised Catholics amounted to 350,000, representing five per cent of Hong Kong’s seven million residents. Although no records are kept for expatriate Catholics, their number is estimated at 180,000, of which the Filipino community accounts for about 150,000, pushing the total Catholic population to around 530,000.
File Picture showing the Mission Sunday celebrations in 2010
Meanwhile, the data shows that the number of parishes has fallen from a peak of 62 in 1995 to 51 in 2010, but the number of churches and chapels has increased. The ratio of priests to laity also dropped from one per 500 in 1971 to one per 1,200 in 2010.

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