Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Priests' Retreat in Macau

The Diocese of Macau, together with the University of St Joseph and St. Joseph Seminary, organised a two-week retreat for a group of 20 priests from the five dioceses of the province of Guagzhou, in the Retreat House of the Diocese of Macau. Our Claretian Conferrers,  Fr. Peter Chao Fr. Jojo , were responsible for arranging the logistics and infrastructure of the gathering.  
The P. Jojo, in addition to working in the parish of St. Lorance, is also responsible for the administration of the seminary and this retreat house. During the event, the Claretian Publications gifted some of the latest Chinese titles from the Publications such as The  Four Gospels, Lectio Divina Bible and the Bible Diary to all priest.  

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