Thursday, November 01, 2012

Welcome to the China-Macau Bulletin: Novemeber 2012

“May the Apostles Be Friends”

The Feast of St. Anthony M. Claret in Macau gathered many of our friends in a celebration of ‘friendship’ in the diocesan seminary. 

What unites the missionaries of different congregations in Macao is our common mission in this frontier of China; and we renewed our mission commitment from the very place, from the same chapel, where many of our older missionaries in the past started their journey of evangelization to China and other countries.
Fr. Beda Lau, SJ
The simple event started with the testimony of a convert to Christianity, the present Superior of the Jesuit Fathers in Macao, Fr. Beda Lau.

It was followed by a Eucharist concelebrated by 40 priests, including the Chancellor of the Hong Kong Diocese, the Administrator of the Macao Diocese (presiding), 17 Mainland Chinese priests who were attending a retreat and a good number of fellow priests. 
 Words of gratitude: Fr. Rossa

Fr. Peter Chao

 Forty concelebrants - missionaries in many countries.
Our ancestors - missionaries left
off this same chapel towards the evangelization
of China and other countries.
now our turn.
The presider emphasized the positive role of the Claretians in the diocese of Macao who in a short time have made their presence felt.
A Group of friends from Hong Kong with Fr. Ezakias
We ended the day with a joyous and abundant dinner where we served the 200 people who were in attendance.
        Frs. Jose, Simon Li, Alberto and Ezakias

[For more of the visuals from the Feast Day Celebrations, scroll down the page and enjoy the slides]
- Report Courtesy: EAD Bulletin 

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