Monday, April 01, 2013

Joining the Broadcast Ministry

Fr. Jose is trying his stint at the Religious Broadcasting with a weekly programme of sharing the Word of God through the FM channel of Radio Hong Kong [RTHK-4, FM97.6] 
Fr. Jose is a member of the Catholic Board of Communications of the Diocese of Hong Kong. The Board operates as a link between the diocese and the Christian Ecumenical  Radio Broadcasts Group who runs religious broadcasts for Radio Hong Kong. Hence the Catholic Diocese is alloted a 10 minute slot, three days a week. Fr. Jose is currently doing one of those slots in a week.
Our objective is to present our listeners with a message based on faith and a time for reflection and inspiration through the spoken and sung Word, that is both helpful and informative to people of the many backgrounds and religions represented in Hong Kong, including those with no religious affiliation.


Anonymous said...

Jose, God's blessings on your new mission. Congrats

Missionaries said...

Thank you so much!