Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sharing the Joy of the Gospel in the Peripheries...

Deacon Chen from the Mainland China had come across some of books written by Pope Francis, which were translated and published in Chinese by the Claretians. Inspired by the teachings of Pope Francis, Dn. Chen undertook a missionary Journey to a remote village on the mountains in the interior China, where he met a over 90 catholics who were fighting a tough winter in poor living conditions. He lived with them, teaching prayers and sharing with them the stories from the Bible.  
Deacon Chen (Left) with Fr. Jijo and Fr. Rossa in Claretian House, Macau 
In February, Dn Chen visited the Claretian Community in Macau, enriching us with his stories of sharing the Joy of the Gospel in China! Here are some of the stills he left with us:     
Making a living... 

"Let the little Children come to me ... "

"Our Father, who art in heaven..." On the door 

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