Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Our Visitors...

Provincial of Chennai visits Missionaries in China 
Father Vincent Anastasiar, Provincial Superior of the Claretian Missionaries of the Province of Chennai in India paid a visit to us in Hong Kong and Macau from March 19-23. Province of Chennai is one of the four Major Organisms of the Claretians in India. Missionaries form the organism serve in different parts of the world. Fr. Vincent was on his way to Kuching, in Malaysia, which is one of the mission projects of the Province of Chennai. 

Fr. Vincent (in the right) at the Holy Spirit Seminary College chapel, in Hong Kong with Mrs Teresa Li and Mr. Peter Li
At the 'Big Buddha' in Lantau Island, with a group of friends form St. Benedict Parish 
Father Alberto, Director of the Claretian Publications in Macau with Father Vincent

Father Vincent together with the Claretian Missionaries who began the Mission Centre in Kuching , Malaysia , in 2012

The Cenacle Sisters - Superior General visits the Community 

The Superior General of the Religious of the Cenacle, Sister Patricia (far left), along with Father Mario, Father Alberto and a group of nuns. Sister Judette (third from left) besides giving religious courses in China, works with us in Macau as a writer and editor. 

The Cenacle Sisters are called to surrender their whole lives to God, through their threefold mission: prayer, community and spiritual ministry.  The Cenacle Sisters were founded in 1826 in La Louvesc, France by Saint Therese Couderc and Father Stephen Terme.  

Father José Rovira and Father Joseph R. Márquez 

Two veteran Claretian professors in religious life, Father José Rovira and Father Joseph R. Márquez were with us in Macau and China for a couple of weeks. 
Father José Rovira and Father Joseph R. Márquez in front of the iconic "Ruins of St. Paul", facade of the Mater Dei Church - Macau 
Fr. Rovira has given more than 45 years dedicated to the study and the teaching of the theology of religious life at the Theological Institute of Consecrated Life - Claretianum”- and in other university centers in Rome and beyond. In 2011 Prof. Josep Rovira authored the book: “La Vida consagrada hoy. Renovación-Desafíos-Vitalidad” (“Consecrated Life Today. Renewal-Challenges-Vitality”).
Fr. Rovira in front of the statue of Matteo Ricci. 

Father Marquez is a fellow missionary who has worked in Equatorial Guinea and Congo (Africa), South Korea and many years in the Philippines. He is a professor of Bible and theology. He has contributed most of the commentaries of the New Testament of the Christian Community Bible. 
He has also authored the title: FRANCIS: The Pope from the End of the World . Both Father Rovira and Father Marquezhave spent a few days with us in Macau and China 

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