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Welcome to the China Bulletin June 2015

Directors and editors of the 14 publishing houses from the Claretian congregation had gathered in Rome (18-24 May) to learn about the projects, learn from those who have a longer history, and to share our dreams. The Claretian Editors' meeting is held every four years.
Directors / Editors from 14 publishing houses world over, of Claret Publishing Group had gathered in Rome for the Claretian Editors meet in the third week of May 
The Claretian editors have reflected together on our missionary charism and our work in the publishing world , trying to detect possible patterns and new ways to continue the work with greater strength and fervour in this ministry. At the end of the meeting the Father Alberto has been appointed coordinator of the Claretian editors for three years.Wow! That is a big news for the Missionaries in China! Congratulations, Father Alberto!

Papal Audience
The big news of the month is of course, the Papal Audience!!
Fr. Alberto and Fr. Jijo were in Rome to participate in the International Claretian Editors' meeting. Fr. Alberto, a "die-hard fan" of Pope Francis and shares his nationality had applied for a papal audience.
From the Eucharistic Celebration at the Chapel Of The Domus Sanctae Marthae on 19 May 
And in Rome, they had the invitation to concelebrate the Eucharist with Pope Francis on May19  in the Chapel Of The Domus Sanctae Marthae, where during the homily, the Pope recalled the suffering of the Rohingya people in Myanmar, rejected and abandoned in the middle of the sea, and also of the Christian and Yazidi refugees “cast out of their homes” in Iraq. He made a reflection on the ultimate meaning of every farewell, great or small, with the word “goodbye- a contraction of ‘God be with ye’- which expresses an act of entrustment to the Father.
"Consider that one day I too will have to say that word: ‘goodbye’"
He then invited faithful for further reflection: “Am I prepared to entrust to God all of my loved ones? To entrust myself to God? To say that word which is the Son’s word of entrustment to the Father?”. It is important “to consider that one day I too will have to say that word: ‘goodbye’, “to God I entrust my soul; to God I entrust my history; to God I entrust my loved ones; to God I entrust all”.

After the Eucharist, Fr. Alberto and Fr. Jijo also had the privilege for a personal audience with the Pope.
Fr. Alberto with Pope Francis 
Dream come true for Fr. Jijo - He was to celebrate his 25 years of Religious Life as a Claretian Missionary on May 31. He received his Jubilee gifts a week ahead! - With Papa Francisco 
There could be a lot of claimants for those Rosaries now! Hope, he has reserved a few... !!
Yes, the Chinese New Testament was a dream project of Father Rossa, which took seven long years of coordinated effort. And it rightly deserves a Papal Signature! Congrats, Fr. Rossa
Indeed, they had carried a number of our new Titles from the Caretian Publications, Macau 

Meeting with Mons. Claudio M. Celli President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

Leveraging our stay in Rome we met with Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli , President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications . For half an hour we have shared experiences on our work in China, projects, problems, proposals ... a person with whom we are in tune immediately.
Jijo, Mons. Celli, Alberto
Selfie!.. Imagine Alberto taking a selfie? And the truth is out! A Roman Collar was not part of his luggage until May 19, - the day they had the chance to meet the Pope! So he had to borrow one and before returning it to its rightful owner, he thoughtfully had a selfie of the collar, for remembrance!

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