Sunday, November 01, 2015

Announcing our new blogs in Chinese

In the recent past so much of talks and discussions were held on "e-evangelization" and "meeting Him in the Clouds"etc. Perhaps the Claretian mission in this part of the region has given a special focus on the use of media.

Claretian Publications and Pastoral Bible Foundation are two of the Claretian pastoral initiatives, using media in the process of evangelization. Both of these initiatives strives to print and publish Bible and related literature from world-renowned authors at the least minimum expenses for the benefit of the readers. With the changing reading habits of the readers, we  strive to make the printed literature available online for free through our website and numerous blogs. Here are a list of website and blogs we maintain for spreading "The Message"

1. : The official website of Claretian Publications, Macau and the Pastoral Bible Foundaiton. The Webpage is being modified and you get a whole lot of Bible and related material online for free download here. Do not miss the audio New Testament available here.

2. - This is the one you are reading right now! The blog is available also in Italian and Spanish languages in the following links:

3. - The China Bulletin Blog in Italian

4. - In Spanish language

5. - An in-depth study of the Bible through the Sunday readings - Original commentaries by Fr. Fernando Armellini, translated from Italian into English. These Commentaries are available also in Spanish and Simplified Chinese in the following blogs:

6. - The Spanish blog for Sunday Bible Commentaries

7.  - Bible Commentaries in Simplified Chinese

Now with the help of a few enthusiastic and passionate Chinese Catholics, we are announcing the creation of two more blogs in Traditional Chinese for the benefit of our readers in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

8. - this is a new Bulletin Blog in Traditional Chinese.

9. A Blog also in Traditional Chinese for the Sunday Bible Commentaries - This blog will be online from the first week of Advent onward.

We missionaries extend a heartfelt thanks to all our contributors who render selfless services in writing, editing and translating the literature to make them available to the world audience. We are thankful welcome the newcomers on board: Teresa Mak, Teresa Wong, Ms. Kwok and ..

Are you interested in joining us in our Mission? You can join us in many ways: 
a) Your prayers - during your daily prayers, say a pray for the missionaries and their collaborators
b) Your man-power - If you can spare a few hours every week to make a contribution in reading, proof-reading, editing or translating the materials
c) Your Financial Assistance - Any contributions that you make will take us a long way!
d) Your appreciation - Yes, it matters! Our greatest satisfaction is to know that you have benefited from our effort! Please do not forget to write to us!

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