Sunday, May 01, 2016

TV Series on Pope Francis in Taiwan

Pope Francis is at the centre of a new national television series that began airing in Taiwan on April 16. Entitled “Oh My God – Hello Pope!", it was developed by Jesuit-run Kuangchi Program Service (KPS) which believes this is the first weekly TV series in Asia about the pope.
KPS held a preview showing of the weekly series, which in Chinese is called "Hello Pope!", at its Taipei studios on April 9, a week ahead of its official opening broadcast by Dongfeng Satellite TV station. In addition to presenting the values, priorities, and goals of Pope Francis to the Taiwanese audience, "Oh My God" introduces various social and pastoral services of the church in Taiwan, said KPS director Jessica Chuang Li-hung. When the producers of the programme presented a CD to the Pope, the exclaimed "Oh My God". And that became the title of the programme!!

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