Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Our Visitors

Fr. Huang Yu Tao 
Fr. Huang Yu Tao
Fr. Huang Yu Tao is one of the first friends of the missionaries ever since we set foot in China. It was he who accompanied us on those initial days as a newly ordained priest in 2006. Years have passed and our collaboration has continued and our friendship has deepened. Fr. Huang is the rector of a minor seminary in China, where he has plenty of vocations. The seminarians come from strong Christian families. Some of them are the only child of their parents, yet the parents joyfully accompany them in their vocation. He visited us on a Sunday and we invited him to share his experience with our parishioners. 
Fr. Huang Yu Tao during the Mass in Chinese
Then he did the same at the Mass in English:
As we recall our adventures in China we cannot but remember the assistance of Fr. Huang as the project coordinator for our "parish Library and Sister Parishes" project. Over the years, with his help we have put thousands of books in the service of the poorest parishes in China.

Fr. Lawrence Bai
Fr. Lawrence with Fr.  Ezakias and Fr. Alberto
We also had another young Chinese priest visiting us in the month of May. Fr. Lorenzo Bai is a great partner in our mission. He studied theology in the Philippines and from there began our relationship and collaboration. Father Lorenzo helps us with translations into Chinese. He graduated with high honors and is waiting for the opportunity to continue his studies. Has was asked three years ago to take charge of a rural parish in the mainland. It is an anchor of the poor, so important for a good priest with much intellectual capacity. Father Alberto together with his friend Archbishop emeritus Donald Reece, visited his immense parish last year. And they cherish the amazing Experience!
This picture was taken at 5:30 am on a Sunday. The church can accommodate more than 1,500 people and it was packed at the time of Mass at 6 in the morning. Immediately after the Mass Fr. Lorenzo had to leave for a couple more masses in remote locations in his parish.

Father Lorenzo helps us in translating the Bible commentaries of Father Fernando Armellini into simplified Chinese which is available in a blog: http: //

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