Saturday, October 01, 2016

From the Publisher's desk:

Jesus: A Historical Approximation
The famous book by José Pagola, "Jesus: A Historical Approximation". which was originally published in Spanish and later on translated into English is now translated and published in simplified Chinese for the Mainland readers. 

The Chinese translation of its more than 500 pages has used the "3 Ts": Time-Talent-Treasure. But the hardest thing was to get permission from the Chinese authorities to publish and distribute in China. The book is fresh from the press on September 30, 2016! The book is a journey into the historical person of Jesus and serves as a great supplement to the Gospels. The distribution will be subsidised for priests, seminarians, religious and pastoral agents.

New Chinese Translation of the OT 
After publishing the new Chinese translation of the New Testament in 2014, the work on the books of the Old Testament is in progress. The main characteristic of the new Chinese Bible is that in addition to the commentaries to the text, it also provides a lexio-divina aid for each paragraph of the Bible. 
Fr. Alberto, Archbishop John, Winnie Wong who coordinates the editorial work in Chinese and Fr. Joshy in Taipei 
Many books of the OT are already completed. The Book of Psalms which was completed earlier this year is already published as a separate book. 
Fr. Alberto with Fr. Mark Fang, SJ 
Fr. Alberto was in Taiwan in early September, coordinating with the editorial team and meeting with Archbishop John Hung Shan-chuan of Taipei and Bible scholar Fr. Mark Fang, SJ. Both Archbishop John, with whose imprimatur we publish the new Bible and Fr. Mark Fang, who painstakingly goes through the texts and offers corrections wherever needed, are of great support in our Bible project. 
With Augustine, a Claretian Seminarian from Indonesia who learns Chinese in Taiwan

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