Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Macau community grows…

New Personnel

Last March 9, Fr. Jojo Ancheril, a young Claretian from India joined our community. He comes full of enthusiasm and on March 26 Fr. Jojo started his classes at the Royal Foreign Language School in Zhuhai (China) – very near our Macau residency: 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. The official language in China is Mandarin; but Cantonese is spoken in this area by about 75 million people.

On March 23, we were again blessed with the arrival of Claretian Fr. Peter Zhao Songqiao. Fr. Peter was born in China but his family moved to Taiwan. Fr. Peter is Chinese and has taught in China and Taiwan for many years. He does not want us to say that he holds a Master and a Doctorate in pastoral ministry. He has already been accepted as Professor at IIUM (the Catholic University in Macau). Meanwhile his Jesuit friends want him to accompany them to give some seminars in China as well. Fr. Peter already has a full load of work. Welcome to our team!

New apartment

We were doubting about placing or not the picture below… All of you might want to come and spend some time in this corner of heaven! Yes, this is our chapel in the apartment that a friend rented to us in Zhuhai. Zhuhai is the border city with Macau and is part of Mainland China. We can cross the border in 15 minutes from our house in Macau. So we should now say: Our Macau-Zhuhai Residencies.

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Father Tom Joyce, C.M.F. said...

Alberto: Congratulations on your blog. It's easier to work with. It's almost a twin to our Eastern Province Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation blog. Visit us sometime at Again nice job. Best wishes and blessings in this Easter season. The spread of your work is exciting. -- Tom Joyce