Wednesday, August 29, 2007

China Mission Procure

A group of missionaries gathered in Taipei, Taiwan, in late August, to organize the China Mission Procure.

Main objectives:

a To animate mission awareness and availability to encourage prayer for the missions offering information about them;
a To animate and involve the Christian communities in our missionary endeavors,
a To be a link between the communities and the missions, to help prepare laity to collaborate in our mission territories.
a To promote economic help through the creation of funds and the presentation of projects.

So, friends, all of you who read this monthly newsletter are already our partner in mission. Ours is a “shared mission for the formation of evangelizers in China”.

You are already “aware” of our missionary activities. Be also part of our mission with your financial help. We need you. We count on you!

You can send your contribution to:

Claretian Missionaries
P. O. Box 1608
Macau, China

It’s that simple!

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