Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Books at the press

In previous newsletters we shared with you that we continue to publish books in different languages.

At present we have (finally!) finished preparing the Daily Gospel in Chinese, which is being printed as we write. There are also other devotional books at the press and our translation work continues. Recently we had about 400,000 books that left the printing press in Nanjing, China for about 25 international ports. You can just imagine that it is not an easy job to follow up all these cargoes to their final destination, deal with customs and brokers in all these countries…

These books were mainly the yearly diaries and the Spanish Bible: La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo already in its 9th edition.

At the same time our Macau team, Ian Dacayanan, Divine de Leon and Miriam Cruz continue with the editorial and marketing work, and spending quite a good amount of time updating our web page:

Pray that we may find a good team of Chinese editors: our mission work needs them now.

And, “I’ll see you in September…
when summer is gone…”
as the lyrics go. Till then!

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