Monday, July 04, 2011

Fr. Francois Barriquand joins our Chinese Bible Project

We are very happy to have Fr. Francois Barriquand helping the Chinese Bible projects. Fr. Francois Barriquand is a MEP, a Scientist and Biblical Scholar, with fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, had been conducting researches in the Centre for Catholic Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Fr. Francois Barriquand
Fr. Francois is very happy to associate with us in spreading the Word of God for Chinese people in the contemporary world. The MEPs have the great history of starting a very early Chinese translation of the New testament in Sichuan, China around the year 1700.
Fr. Francois with our Chinese Editor Winnie Wong [Right]
Currently, he is in Paris, pursuing his research in Physics and Philosophy on the topic: The New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy. We wish Fr. Francois the very best in his research.

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