Friday, July 08, 2011

Welcome to the Macau - China Bulletin - July 2011

Lay missionary mandate for 305 : A sign of the vitality of the Diocese of Liaoning China
About 305 lay missionaries of the Parish of Fu Shun in the Diocese of Liaoning, have received the missionary mandate on the feast of Pentecost, confirming their desire to be faithful to the service of evangelization and the pastoral care during the next two years.
Fushun – Liaoning - China
A certificate of the mandate and the Cross were delivered to the 305 lay people, to carry out its mission in the basic Christian communities. It is a sign of vitality of the Diocese of Liaoning, led by the young Archbishop Paul Pei Junmin.
Archbishop Paul Pei Junmin, 
The Diocese of Liaoning

Evangelisation, pastoral care and Formation are the main priorities of the diocese. On 5 and 6 July, the diocese has organized a seminar on "Current development and future of the Church in China, according to the Ecclesiology of Vatican II" to help priests to know the reality of the Church and the conciliar magisterium.

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