Sunday, January 01, 2012

Media Explosion in China!

The beginning of the year invites us to look ahead. Here we share a recent statistics on the use of social media network (internet) in China and the challenges and the possibilities this offers to our mission:

--- 25% of users of social media in the world are Chinese.
--- Population of China: 1,340 million. Internet users: 500 million (36% of the population, more than the total population in Western Europe).
--- Cellphone users: 917 000 000 (67% of the population).
--- New internet users per month: 10 million.
--- 77% use the Internet and watch TV at a time.
--- In an average daily usage of 3 hours: 58% use the Internet while 17% of television.
--- Population between 18 and 27 years average use of 5 hours a day for email and web.
--- 40% of the users are creators of web-content (more than double the U.S.).
--- 66% of Internet access via mobile.

Challenge for a 'new evangelization' in China

These data urge us to use these new means of evangelization for our service depending on what is most urgent, timely and effective.

From our Mission Centre in Macau we upload all of our evangelisation materials in our website : All of our evangelistic material, including translations of the Bible into different languages, Bible courses, pastoral programs in English, Chinese and Spanish are offered free for anyone interested.

We need help to make these materials accessible in the new systems of tablets, iPods, iPhones, Mac and so on. Those who wish to join us in this endeavour please get back to us through email.

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