Sunday, January 01, 2012

Tracing the foot steps of a great missionary: Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier died at the gates of China, on the island of Sancian. His relics are in India and Macau. His example continues to attract Christians all over the world. In the place of his death now stands a chapel, a pilgrimage center. To get there, one needs to venture out to the sea for an hour ride from Macau.

His feast is celebrated on 3 December. This year, Fr. Jojo organized a mission trip to the island on this day and took more than 50 pilgrims from Hong Kong, Macao and China. Foreign priests cannot preside at the Mass in China, but this time the Fr. Jojo got the permission. Here are a couple of memories:
Group of pilgrims in the small chapel in Sancian Island, where
St. Francis Xavier died at the age of 44 .

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