Thursday, December 01, 2011

To put the brakes ...!

We had our share of anxiety too in the earlier part of November! Fr. Rossa had a bacterial infection which appeared a bit dangerous. He had to fly to Manila to meet his personal doctor and was admitted int the hospital for a couple of days. But, as Ms. Divine of the Claretian Publications says, "the only way to keep him from being restless was to get the Wi-fi and keep him connected"!

No wonder, he contined his job from the hospital room, giving instructions to the editors and printers in China and Macau! Our good frined from Bangalore send him a "Get wll soon" message with a difference! When the Pastoral Bible replaces the IV fluids, no wonder why he had a speedy recovery!

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cmff said...

Dear Fr. Alberto! How are yo? The students of th Rhoel Gallardo Comunity (Córdoba, Argentina) -that you have visited some months ago- want to stay with yo in this moment. Rest assured we'll be praying for you and your health. Sincerely, Students cmff