Sunday, May 06, 2012

Fr. Ezakias appointed in St. Teresa's Church


Fr. Ezakias Anthony Swamy (Wohng Sahnfuh) has successfully completed his two years of Cantonese studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in April 2012.  The Bishop has appointed him as the Assistant Parish Priest of St. Teresa's Church in Hong Kong. We congratulate Fr. Ezakias on his graduation and the new appointment. 

Claretians' Association with the Maryknollers
 Frs. Jojo, Ezakias(1 and 2 from left), Fr. Tom Peyton MM (in the middle) Fr. Jose (2 from right) and Fr. Peter Berry MM (1 from right) during the Parish Feast on 1 May, at Ngau Tau Kok
During his six-semester intensive language studies which began in June 2010, he was residing at Christ the Worker Parish, Ngau Tau Kok, with two of the veteran Maryknoll Priests - Frs. Tom Peyton and Antony Brennan. This was providential that all the three Claretians who took up the language studies in the Chinese University had the opportunity to stay with Frs. Tom and Tony and so to say, they have become the mentors of Claretians in Hong Kong! We extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Frs. Tom and Tony and also the Maryknoll community in Hong Kong. 

The parish day of the Christ Worker parish, celebrated on 1 May 2012, also provided an occasion for Fr. Ezakias and the Claretians in general to thank the Maryknoll Fathers and the Parish community for their hospitality, generosity and tremendous support. Here Frs. Ezakias and Jose are seen with some of the members of the parish 

 The Parish day of Christ the Worker Parish was attended many Claretians including Fr. Marcel'li Fonts, Provincial Superior, East Asian Delegation.
 From left to right: Frs. Marcel'li Fonts CMF, Antony Brennan MM,  Ezakias CMF, Tom Peyton MM, Peter Berry MM and Peter Chao CMF During the parish day celebrations

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