Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Welcome to Macau-China Bulletin, May 2012

 Meeting for the Catholic Church in China

The Vatican’s Commission for the Catholic Church in China that Pope Benedict XVI established in 2007 to study major issues concerning the life of the Catholic Church in China met in Vatican from 23 to 25 April. In its previous sessions, the focus used to be on the formation of seminarians, consecrated persons and priests.
This year, however, the Commission examined the formation of the laity in the light of the situation of the Catholic community in China and the Year of the Faith, which will be celebrated throughout the Church from 11 October  2012 to 24November 2013.

Many members of the Clergy and Sino-Vatican observers felt the official communique, issued by the Commission on 26 April is a good step. According to Sister Beatrice Leung Kit-fun, a Macau-based political professor, the Vatican has taken the correct approach in consolidating the China Church by focusing on laity formation. “While relations with the Chinese government are tense, the Vatican would be wise settling internal problems within the Church first,” she said.
The commission discussed laity formation for the first time since it was established in 2007. “Many laypeople now demand more formation. This is a sign of healthy development and maturity from the Church,” she said.
Given their easy access to the mainland, laypeople from the “Bridge Churches” – Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau – can play a greater role in training their compatriots, the Precious Blood sister suggested.

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