Friday, March 01, 2013

Life of Faith - Missionary Life

On the occasion of season of Lent in the context of the Year of Faith, many dioceses in the Mainland China have organized many special programs for reflection, formation and evangelization. We share some of the noteworthy examples:
                                               Zhe Jiang Province
                          100,000 km2 of area and has a population of 55 million

To celebrate Lent in the Year of Faith, the Diocese of Wen Zhou in Inner Mongolia organized a special retreat. The information comes to us through the website of the diocese: On 13 and February, 14 priests, religious and lay people gathered under the theme "Strengthening the faith and proclaim the Gospel".  Numerous testimonies by the faithful was a way of sharing the experience of faith. 11 priests helped in administering the sacrament of reconciliation for the 2,000 strong gathering. For many of them, it was a reunion with faith.
                                              Inner Mongolia Province.
                    It has 1,183,000 km2, an area, two times larger than Spain!

Itinerant priests visit the Basic Ecclesial Communities in this vast territory of Northern China and help the believers to rediscover the faith and enrich their Christian formation. Topics covered in the Month of February were: "God is Love", "Open your heart so you can find God", "Accept the challenges your faith requires."
                                                   Zhaan Xi Province
                               205,800 km2 in area nd 38 million people.

The Diocese of San Yuan, in the province of Zhaan Xi has chosen a missionary training theme for this Lent. More than 80 representatives from 35 Catholic parishes met in retreat and training course from 17 to 24 February. The theme: "The House of the disciples: Re-discovering faith and renewed efforts of evangelization."

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