Friday, March 01, 2013

Macau hosts youth camp for faith formation

Lunar Year holidays for Chinese is a season for gathering and family reunion. In 13-19 Feb, as Lent began,  80 Chinese youth met in Macau for a happy gathering and faith formation program. 
Trans-cultural and trans-languages, they were from Malaysia, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and speaking Chinese, Portuguese and Cantonese.
Input sessions: about the Holy Trinity, from personal knowledge to community life.
 Morning prayer, praise and dancing by seaside.

Fasting day (with only water) and skit: The Passion of Jesus. Being a facilitator, a religious sister said, "Somehow we have too much fear to allow young people fasting and knowing the suffering Jesus. Now I see their commitment and how they love the Lord." 
The cultural night with shows.
Winnie, our Chinese editor of the Claretians publications, was one of the facilitators accompanied the youth in visiting historical Churches and street evangelisation. 
The youth joined the Good Jesus procession of the first Sunday of Lent, each of them tied a purple ribbon on the wrist. Up holding their hand as a sign of the group, they were willing to up hold the Christian way of life and value as the sign of their faith in the society.

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