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Welcome to the China-Macau Bulletin, May 2013

Celebrating 50 years of Commitment to the Service of the Word 
This year Fr. Alberto Rossa is celebrating 50 years as a religious in the Claretian Congregation [11.2.1963 - 11.2.2013]. On 21 April we joined the diocesan community to thank the Lord for the wonders He has done in the life of Fr. Rossa and to felicitate him for his 50 years of "commitment to the Service of the Word". The Following text is an excerpt from the "Dedication..." given in the latest title from the Claretian Publications,  "FRANCIS, the Pope from the End of the World"
It was 30 years ago that Claretian Publications was born in the Philippines with the pioneering effort of an Argentinean Claretian, Fr. Alberto Rossa, who wanted to answer the needs of the time. With more than 1000 titles published and more than 5 millions books sold, Claretian Publications has become one of the main Catholic publishers in Asia.

From the very beginning special attention was given to the Word of God and the publications embarked in an ambitious project: to make the Word of God available in simple yet accurate translation—a Bible accompanied with introductions, notes and commentaries. So the Pastoral Bible was born. The first one, published in 1988, was the Christian Community Bible. With the years the Pastoral Bible was translated and published in 12 more languages.
Wishes from Claretian Publications, Bangalore!
After spending 27 years in the Philippines, and at 60 years of age, the superiors sent him to open a new front in Macao and Hong Kong. Here Fr. Rossa and several young Claretian Missionaries from India have been working for 7 years. And here too Fr. Rossa started the Claretian Publications Macao to serve the pastoral needs of Chinese Catholics publishing mainly in English, Chinese and Spanish (for Latin America).
Flowers from Amity Press, China!
We congratulate him and join him in thanking the Lord for all the blessings of these past years, especially in the field of publications. We thank the Lord for the gift of Fr. Rossa to the Church in China and to the Claretian Community in Macau! On 29 April Fr. Alberto celebrated his birthday...Friends and well-wishers from the Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong had reasons and occasions to join together to celebrate !  Ad Multos Annos!!

 Hearty Congratulations 
Dear Fr. Alberto !!

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Congratulations Fr. Alberto I glad to see you so happy. Thanks for your service, for be an inloved of Word of God man.