Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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Francis: The Pope from the End of the World
"In an effort to understand his [Pope Francis] thoughts and spirituality and to have a sense to where the Church is heading with the new Pope, Claretian Publications is presenting the book..." Wrote Bishop José Lai of Macau in his Introduction to the latest title by our Publications.  

Yes, this was precisely the intention to introduce the new Pope to the people of South-East Asia region. Hence, the 72 pages and full-colour book was printed both in Chinese and in English. The Editorial Claretiana  of Argentina, a member of the Claret Publishing Group, were the Publishers of the writings of Archbishop Jorge M. Bergoglio in Buenos Aires.
Now, Claretian Publications has the rights to translate and publish all of them in English and Chinese for the Asian continent. Thus, this book is going to be the first in a series of titles on Pope Francis and books written by him. 

Distribution 'free' On Sunday April 21, Bishop Joseph Lai of Macao released book "Francis The Pope from the End of the World", in the cathedral church, during the celebration of Jubilee anniversaries of several religious and priests. Claretians had an added reason to thank God as Fr. Alberto was celebrating 50 years of religious life. Sharing our joy with the friends and well-wishers in Macau and Hong Kong, the book was distributed free, in Chinese and English.
Our forthcoming titles
"A Call to Serve: Pope Francis and the Catholic Future" 
Spiritual Journey of Religious
This title by a Claretian Missionary, Fr. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, is being published in Chinese for the benefit of the religious formation in the region. This book has 316 pages with  the following chapters:
Spiritual Journey of Religious

Obedience for the Kingdom of God

Virginity for the Kingdom of God

Poverty for the Kingdom of God

The Religious Prayer

Advancing Religious Life

A Religious Community as a Parable of Love

New Pastoral Bible published in English and Tagalog (for the Philippines)
After an intense review over a period of four years, we come out with the new edition of the Christian Community Bible and also a new Pastoral Bible printed in tagalog "Bibia Sambayanan ng Pilipino"

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