Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bibles for Brazil

By the end of the month of May, we had shipped out four large containers of 40 feet each, with more than 130,000 copies of the Bible for the "Ave Maria" - publishing group of the Claretians in Brazil.

"Ave Maria" by the Claretians of Brazil is celebrating their 115 years in the Publication Ministry. Our relationship with Amity Printing and its people is that of an extended family. Divine De Leon, of the Pastoral Bible Foundation, Macau has spent a few weeks with them ... learning and sharing. Here are some pictures of the work done for the Claretians of Brazil: 
There are lot of manual work, such as keeping a plastic cover for each bible.

 Everyone has to 'lend a hand'. The directors and management employees do extra work to meet commitments.
Divine work with them and help them.
Each Bible goes through a strict quality control.
Different models.
And finally, in the containers for the long journey from China to Brazil.
With over 500 employees, in the past month have printed 2 million Bibles.

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