Saturday, June 01, 2013

450 kms. on foot, strengthening faith in the Year of Faith

We have already introduced this Chinese missionary, our friend and Scripture Scholar - Fr. Peter Wei .  He writes about his pilgrimage:

Dear friends:
With great joy I inform you that with God's abundant grace, we have been able to make, and for the sixth time in China, a pilgrimage from 6th to 24th of this month of May. 

We started the journey from Shangchuan Island, where St. Francis Xavier died. He had a great desire to evangelize China but could not, and died there on that island. 400 years later, during this Year of Faith,  we 47 pilgrims came to find the root of faith in China. 

We started the way from Shuangchuan, crossing Zhaoqing, the first mission centre of Matteo Ricci in China mainland, and passed through Quanzhou, which was the first region of evangelization in China by fellow Franciscans Montecorvino. 

We walked just under 450 kilometers, and experience this way is particularly rewarding for each of the 47 pilgrims, as we are delving into the roots of faith in this land of China. And we want this way we have done is a new starting point for the life of the Church in China in the Year of Faith.
Peter Wei

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